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10 General Animal Facts for the Curious Mind

At RankingFact, we are thrilled by all things nature, especially Animal Facts. Hence, we’ve decided to douse your curiosity with this subcategory about Animals. Without further ado, let’s tell you some downright funny facts and truths about animals.

  1. Male horses are known to have more teeth than their females. They possess 40 to 42 permanent teeth, while females horses have between 36 to 40. A study by VCA Animal Hospital reveals the need to have fighting weaponry as the cause of extra teeth.
  2. If you feel your cat is too sleepy, wait until you get to know an animal called Koalas. Research by Australian Koala Foundation says the animal sleeps up to a whopping 22 hours a day. Their diets require a lot of energy to digest, which is why they nap so much.
  3. Do you know the animal called Ferrets?… Well, a group of Ferrets is called ‘A Business’. Note: this is not the professional business as the word is a modified form of ‘Busyness’.
  4. Unlike the above, ‘Parliament’ is a name used to describe a group of owls. The truth is, using legislative powers for their naming is still very up for debate.
  5. Dolphins are so smart that they have names for themselves. A 2013 study confirmed that bottlenose dolphins often develop specific whistles for one another.
  6. Do you know why female Lions do the bulk of hunting than their male counterpart?… it’s because Lionesses they have more families to feed. As CBS News puts it, they do around 90% of all huntings while the male does more of protecting their pride.
  7. There is an animal called Sloth who can take up to a month to digest just a single leave. Indeed, everything about the life of this sleepy vertebrate animal is languid. Did you know?… Sloth can have only a single bowel movement in a whole week.
  8. Frogs can freeze up without dying. They can tolerate freezing conditions which see them freeze to solid. Professor Kenneth Storey of Carleton University is the man behind such study.
  9. Nature had made Giraffes have black tongues, so they do not get sunburns while they eat. The African artiodactyl mammal is considered the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant. The tongue of a Giraffe is around 21-inches long.
  10. A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime. Like humans, they only produce milk after they have given birth. Hence, dairy cows must give birth to one calf per year to continue producing enough milk.

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