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Ayesha Curry Facts – Childhood, Biography, Family, Parents, Stephen

Our Ayesha Curry Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Husband (Stephen Curry), Children, Personal Life, Lifestyle and Net worth.

In plain terms, we present the life history of Ayesha Curry, Stephen Curry’s wife. We begin from the earliest days to when she becomes famous. To kick start her autobiography, here is her cradle to rise gallery below.

Yes, everyone knows Ayesha Curry is the wife of the fabulous basketball player, Stephen Curry, one of the top richest NBA stars of all time. Notwithstanding, only a few know her complete Life Story. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Ayesha Curry Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, she bears the nickname “Ishiboo”. Ayesha Disa Curry was born on the 23rd day of March 1989 to her mother, Carol Alexander and her father, John Alexander at Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Ishiboo is among the five children born of the union of her lovely parents, John and Carol Alexander. As you can see below in this 80s picture of her charming parents. Are they not looking gorgeous?. Certainly, Ayesha took from her parent’s elegant looks.

Ayesha Curry – Growing-Up years:

Growing up, they raised Ayesha in Toronto alongside her four siblings, Chad, Jaz, Janiece, and Maria. In the beginning, little Ayesha was interested in cooking at a young age. Ayesha would watch as her babysitter cooked Trinidadian curry and roti and delivered it down to customers in the basement of their home.

Ayesha Curry – Family Background:

The family background of Ayesha is one we would describe as a middle class. However, being an average family doesn’t limit her parents. Ayesha’s father, John, was a music road manager whose resume included touring with Rick James and kid rappers Kris Kross.

But that life was too much for the Christian family, so he gave it up and switched over to doing real estate. Likewise, her mother, Carol, used to operate a saloon in their neighbourhood. Both parents did all that they could for the smooth development of their children.

Ayesha Curry – Family Origin:

Speaking of nationality, Ayesha was born in Markham, a town in the Regional Municipality of York in Southern Toronto. She is therefore a Canadian citizen. In addition, Ayesha’s maternal ancestry is of Chinese-Jamaican descent, while her paternal origin is of mixed African-American and Polish descent. Ayesha, thus, has a mixed-race.


Ayesha Curry – Education:

She attended Weddington High School in Mathews, North Carolina. During her school days, she was one of the bright students in her set which made her so popular at school. After graduating from high school, she then attended Davidson College, where she completed her higher education.


Ayesha Curry Biography – Early Career Life Story:

Early on, after finishing high school, Ayesha moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Ayesha has begun a journey in the entertainment business. At 18, Ayesha landed her first job in 2007.

Moving on, the aspiring actress further made appearances in many other movies. Ayesha Curry played guest roles in most of the films. Ishiboo has appeared in some famous movies and television shows such as Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charlie and Love For Sale.

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Ayesha Curry Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Ayesha Curry played a major role in the television drama Whittaker Bay, which has eight episodes. After so many trials in the entertainment industry, Ayesha made a very critical career decision. The stunning actress ended her acting career in 2010.

Foremost, we knew Ayesha had been passionate about making food since her childhood. More so, she’s inspired by her childhood memories of seeing a variety of appetizers and dishes served to her customers in her mom’s salon.

Despite not having any advanced chef training, her culinary career began when she cooked her first meal as a YouTube demonstration on her “Little Lights of Mine” page. Subsequently, she began making videos about recipes, lifestyle and parenting.

Ayesha Curry Biography – Success Story:

As a result, this created a great deal of media attention as Ayesha occasionally brings celebrities like cameos to videos. Later, Ayesha Curry partnered with chef Michael Mina in the International Smoke Mina Test Kitchen, a pop-up restaurant in the Bay Area.

Fast forward to this time, Ayesha hosted and stared at the major TV shows. For example, the popular chef served as a judge for the “Chopped Junior and Guy’s Grocery Games” programs broadcast on the Food Network.

Above all, the culinary guru rose to fame as the wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. However, as time went by, she has developed a very impressive career of her own, building a lifestyle and cooking brand that thousands of fans love and admire. The rest, as they say, is history.


Love Life – Boyfriend, Husband, Children?:

In this part, we’re bringing you the full history of her love life. Starting with the way she met the basketball star, Stephen Curry. Unlike Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo’s love story, Love didn’t come easy for Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry. Relax and enjoy a love story of their own.

Meeting Stephen Curry:

First, Ayesha met her husband, Stephen Curry, at 14, when they were both members of the Central Church of God in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although they bonded over a shared love of Canadian sweet. In an interview, Ayesha said the following about Steph:

“We were just kids, He was the cute boy at church that all of the girls were obsessed with, so I made a generalization that maybe he wasn’t for me.”


Meanwhile, Stephen lived in Toronto while his father finished up his own NBA career. During this period, Ayesha could not date as she was still in high school. As a result, anytime Ayesha would visit family in Toronto, she would bring back Maynards Fuzzy Peach candy for Stephen.


Marriage with Stephen Curry:

Their romance ignited a few years later, while Ayesha was living in Los Angeles and Stephen, a hotshot college basketball player, was in town for a sports awards show.

Later on, Ayesha moved back to Charlotte, close to where Stephen was attending Davidson College. It was during that moment the pair officially started dating. The two lover birds got married in their hometown on July 30, 2011.


Children with Stephen Curry:

Ayesha and Stephen had their first child, Riley Elizabeth, in July 2012. Riley became a media sensation after crashing her dad’s post-game press conference in May 2015, in which she waved at reporters and ordered others to be quiet.

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In the same vein, their second daughter, Ryan Carson, was born in July 2015. Later on, the family welcome their son, Canon Jack, on July 4, 2018. Together, they have three children.

Without a doubt, Ayesha’s husband, Stephen Curry, is an inspiration on and off the basketball court. In fact, the chef speaks about her husband being a helper as regards their child’s education and schooling.

Ayesha Curry Biography – Personal Life Facts:

Who is Ayesha Curry?.. outside knowing her as the beloved wife of the two time NBA champion, Stephen Curry. Now we bring you her personality off the screen.

Ayesha isn’t just an excellent cook. But she is a realistic and down-to-earth person who can think through any situation or problem. Her immeasurable energy and endurance allow her to work long and hard for anything that she believes in.


In addition, she is a highly learned somebody who loves supporting others. We associate all these characteristics with Aries zodiac traits. To sum up, the American celebrity cook involved herself in philanthropic work. In fact, she donates 10% of the profits from her business to the No Kid Hungry charity.


Ayesha Curry – Lifestyle:

As of now, the family of five currently live in their lavish bay area home. In addition, the family seems extremely happy as Ayesha frequently posts pictures of her family having a great time.

Ayesha Curry – Net worth:

As an online personality earns money from Tv programs, books, her business, Little Lights of Mine and other endorsements from social media and modelling. The estimated net worth of Ayesha Curry is approximately $16millions.

Ayesha Curry Biography – Family Life:

In this section, we’ll breakdown facts about Ayesha Curry parents, siblings and relatives – as we all know family is everything.

About Ayesha Curry’s Father:

Behind every noble daughter is a truly amazing dad. Ayesha Curry’s father goes by the name, John Alexander. John is a nobleman that does what he can to raise his children to what they have become today. Ayesha is a living testimony to John’s work.

About Ayesha Curry Mother:

A feeling of motherly fulfilment is the first thing that’ll strike you when you meet Carol Alexander. Ayesha has repeatedly sacrificed herself so she could continually put a smile on mama’s face. Carol is no doubt one reason Ayesha is successful today.

About Ayesha Curry Siblings:

We gathered that Ayesha Curry has four siblings named Jaz, Chad, Maria and Janiece. They all grew up together in Toronto and had a very wonderful childhood together.

In addition, Ayesha’s younger brother Jaz is a photographer and graphic designer. Similarly, Ayesha’s sister Janiece works as a cosmetologist, and her sister Maria is a writer who writes blogs on lifestyle.


About Ayesha Curry Relatives:

Ayesha’s paternal grandfather is Richard Alexander. While her maternal grandmother goes by the name, Gwen. More so, we are still optimistic about getting a request for details about who her uncle’s, aunts, and relatives are.

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Ayesha Curry Biography – Untold Facts:

Wrapping up the childhood story and Biography facts of the TV personality, we will use this section to tell you some lesser-known facts you need to about Ayesha Curry.

Facts #1 – Ayesha Curry Religion:

Upon hearing Ayesha Curry’s name, it sounds like an Islamic/Arab name. However, Ayesha is very vocal about her faith. No doubt she is a devoted Christian. In fact, she regularly shares spiritual messages on her Instagram page. Likewise, she says her faith is the foundation for everything that she does.

Meanwhile, the name Ayesha is given by her father in tribute to the iconic musician, Stevie Wonder. The Stevie song “Isn’t She Lovely” referenced the name Aisha regarding Stevie’s daughter.

Facts #2 – Mrs Curry Has A Huge Social Media Followers:

Ayesha is hugely popular on social media platforms. The social media freak has around seven million followers on Instagram and Nine hundred sixty-nine thousand followers on Twitter. Apart from that, Curry also has a YouTube channel with 579,000 subscribers and a Facebook page with 544,000 followers.

Facts #3 – She is the host & producer of ABC’s Family Food Fight:

The multi-talented star is the producer of the American cooking reality show ‘Family Food Fight’ which follows the franchise of the Australian television show named after the same name. The show revolves around the family of three as they battle to become America’s best food family.

Facts #4 – Matching tattoo with her husband:

Ayesha has many tattoos with her husband, Stephen Curry. One tattoo features three small geometric animals, a unicorn, a butterfly, and a wolf. Meanwhile, the duo still got many other matching tattoos together.


Thanks for reading this article about the childhood biography and untold facts about the wife of Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry.

We presume this describes her journey from being a former actress and model to becoming a cook and host of the Food Network Show. Yes, we can say Ayesha went from nothing to something. Likewise, she had a related love story like her fellow basketball WAG Savannah Brinson, having known her husband (LeBron James) too at 14.

Similarly, there is no greater happiness than having a successful family with who you enjoying being at all times. This is the case with Ayesha Curry and her husband, Stephen Curry. The duo has played the role of an amazing parent and a good celebrity Mum and Dad for their children.

At Ranking Facts, we give you stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. Do well to contact us or leave a message below if you see something that doesn’t look right. For a summary of Ayesha Curry’s Biography, use this Wiki Table.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Ayesha Disa Curry.
Children: Riley, Ryan and Canon Curry.
Date of Birth:23rd of March 1989.
Place of Birth:Harlow, Essex, England.
Profession:Author, Actor, Chef and Model
Father:John Alexander
Mother:Carol Alexander
Siblings:Jaz, Chad, Maria and Janiece Alexander.
Husband:Stephen Curry
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Aries
Hobbies:Cooking, Reading
Height:1.73 m
Net Worth:$10 Million

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