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10 Car and Bike Facts for the Curious Mind

At Ranking fact Blog, we delight ourselves to serve you the latest Car and bike facts, trivia, reviews and upcoming trends. Before we get started, let’s give you some global trivia facts relating to Cars and Bikes.

  1. The world’s first speeding ticket for a driving offence was issued in the year 1902. Did you know?… the offending motorist was travelling at a scandalous of 45mph. From another point, the largest speeding fine ever produced was a whopping €1,000,000.

This was thrown at a man in Sweden, who caught clocking 180mph. In Sweden, speeding fines are proportional to earnings for individuals.

  1. By using a car, it would take at least less than a month for someone to reach the moon. Yes, that’s right — just drive straight up at an average speed of 60mph. You’ll get to the moon in just under a month.
  2. The word ‘Bicycle’ has its origin from France. It got created from the French word “bicyclette”. Before giving it the name, bicycles were called velocipedes. If the world uses only bicycles, it will save us over 238 million gallons of gas every year.
  3. The average car in the world contains around 30,000 unique parts. By just thinking of it, you’ll realise it just miracle cars don’t break down more often.
  4. Global statistics reveal that around 60 million cars get produced every year. This implies that the world produces 165,000 cars a day, 6,875 in an hour and 115 cars a minute — this is crazy right?
  5. Around 1 billion cars are being used around the world. Comparing that to the world’s population, it implies that there is one car for every seven people on planet Earth.
  6. The world’s most popular bicycle-BMX was created in the year 1970. BMX came as a cheaper alternative to motocross races. Today, we can find robust bicycles in all corners the world.
  7. The world’s fastest bicycle attained a speed of 268 km/h when driven on flat terrain with help gotten from a pace car that removed wind turbulence along its path. Fred Rompelberg holds the record for the fastest speed attained with a bicycle.
  8. The highest mileage (in total) clocked by a car is 2,850,000 million miles. Did you know?… it is equivalent to someone driving around the Earth 100 times.
  9. On the 21st day of November 1985, a world record was set for removing and replacing a car engine. It took mechanics working on a Ford Escort, 42 seconds to replace a car engine.

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