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General Cricket Facts for the Curious Mind

Before getting started with our articles, let’s tell you five truths that relate to the game’s history.

  1. Cricket has its origin in southeast England in the 16th century. Children created the game during the Saxon or Norman times in the dense woodland which lies across Kent and Sussex. Back then, it wasn’t officially recognized.
  2. The game of Cricket first accepted formally in a law court. It was a court case based on a land dispute that happened in the year 1597. John Derrick, a then 59-year-old testified that he and his school friends had played the game of ‘Creckett’ (as they fondly called it) on that land 50 years earlier when they both attended free school. Derrick’s testimony proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the game was actually played 50 years back. That led to a court judgement and formal acceptance of the game.
  3. The first reference to Cricket as an adult sport came in the year 1611— also came due to a case. This time, two men in Sussex were prosecuted for playing Cricket on Sunday instead of attending church.
  4. That same year, 1611, the English dictionary defined Cricket as a boy’s game. It also added that adult participation in the game was allowed—suggesting it was a recent development.
  5. At noted earlier, the game wasn’t spelt as “Cricket” from the onset, instead, as ‘Creckett’. The name got derived from the word ‘stick’ and the old English’ Cryce’ meaning a crutch or staff. History has it that the name also came from the French word ‘Criquet’ means a wooden post. The later gave has once given birth to the claim that the game has its origin from France.

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