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Global Environment Facts for the Curious Mind

Without a doubt, our planet earth is a beautiful place as it has sustained everything living on it for years. At RankingFact, we talk about Environment Facts, which involves everything nature. Before we get started with our articles, let’s give you some truths about our environment.

  1. The Aluminum you know can be recycled forever, as in over and over. Recycling a single aluminium can save enough energy to run a TV for at least 3 hours. Also, to note, we use about 80 trillion aluminium cans every year.
  2. American companies alone can use enough Paper to encircle the Earth three times. Hence, it’s a good thing that businesses worldwide are moving towards going paperless.
  3. The water we use is 1% of our planet’s supply. A whopping 97% is ocean water, and about 2% is frozen in the Arctic.
  4. A study reveals that around 27,000 trees are cut down each day so we can have toilet papers. Did you know?… we can save 75,000 trees if we recycled papers used for the day to day run of the New York Times.
  5. In the world’s tropical rain forest, about 50,000 species go extinct every year- an average of 137 species per day.
  6. About 82 disasters happened on planet earth between the years 1901 and 1910. However, between 2003 and 2012, the world recorded over 4,000 disasters.
  7. From 1995 to 2014, around 89% of storm-related deaths were found in lower-income countries. Ironically, these countries experienced 26% of storms during those years.
  8. Countries with the highest rate of open defecation has the most widespread number of deaths of children aged under five years. These countries also have the highest level of poverty, malnutrition and the biggest disparities of wealth.
  9. Around 2015, over 5.0 billion people (68% of the world’s population) were found to utilize essential sanitation services such as toilets or latrines. Whereas, 2.3 billion people still don’t have basic sanitation.
  10. On a global scale, 60% of deaths are caused by diarrhoea, and it is because of unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and hygiene. Hence, handwashing with soap will go along way to reduce the risk of getting diarrhoea by at least 40%.

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