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Top Facts about Erika Choperena – Antoine Griezmann’s Wife

We give you all the details on Antoine Griezmann wife, Erika Choperena. The woman who won the heart of the French footballer, Antoine Griezmann. For about a year, the French striker who won Atletico Madrid’s gold medal has been in a relationship with Erika Choperena from Spain.

We get to know the fashionable woman who lives with the football star and is also the mother of their children. Erika Choperena is the wife of Antoine Griezmann who is well-known. Let’s learn more about Erika who is a mother and child psychologist.

Most importantly, we all know her goal isn’t fame, which makes her story different from all the rest of footballers wives. Do you want to know why?  Let’s dive in.

Here are the top Facts about Erika Choperena

Biography of Erika Choperena:


To start with, Erika Choperena was born in Spain on the 5th day of March 1991. She is 30 years old at the time of writing, and she belongs to the Pisces birth sign. In addition, she is Spanish-born and of Spanish descent.

Erika Choperena became popular as the wife of soccer star Antoine Griezmann. She started her own beauty blog, but Antoine’s fame hindered the idea. Before Fame, Erika Choperena met Antoine when she was at a college in San Sebastian, Spain.

Erika Choperena’s most significant characteristic is the fact that they speak different languages. While she is a native Spanish speaker, Antoine speaks French. Erika and Antoine began dating in 2011, and they would eventually marry in 2017.

They had a daughter, Mia, in 2016, and a son, Amaron, in 2019. Erika Choperena’s husband was a Lionel Messi teammate at FC Barcelona. Despite her husband’s popularity, Erika prefers to be quiet.

Furthermore, Ludivine Sagna, the wife of Griezmann’s France teammate Bacary Sagna, told Touche Pas a Mon Sports TV show that Erika Choperena is kind but very discreet.

Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena are a true love story in a global world:


To begin with, we know very little about Antoine Griezmann’s private life. The French striker is very protective of his private life and has never enjoyed being in the spotlight. However, his private life has drawn media attention since the World Cup arrived in Paris.

Antoine Griezmann, despite being born in France, has a special connection with Spain. This is both in his professional and personal life. After several clubs in his home country refused him, Griezmann almost asked for permission to enter the Spanish League.

Back then, It was a talent recruiter who signed the young man to Real Sociedad. This was the team that saved him at age 13 and launched his career. Spain adopted him from that point on as their own.


More on their Love Story: 

In 2011, the French forward met Erika Choperena, at that time Griezmann was a Real Sociedad player. Erika, a young Donostiarra University Pedagogy student was not aware he was a soccer player.

Griezmann crossing paths with Erika was because she stayed at the same place as the rest of the Griezmann teammates. Erika was at the boarding school near where they use to train. Griezmann revealed this in an interview.

It was love at first glance, but it took him over a year to win Erika Choperena heart. Griezmann was known for his physical attractiveness, and he had many suitors. However, the forward only wanted Erika Choperena for his whole life.

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At a time, Simeone, Atletico Madrid Coach offered him a place at Atletico Madrid in 2014. He refused. It is rumoured that Erika stopped Griezmann’s move to another Spanish club. However, to everyone surprise, Erika moved to the capital because of her love for him.

On July 31, 2014, he was presented at the Vicente Calderon stadium. The following month, he made his debut in a friendly against VfL Wolfsburg. Griezmann is one of the most respected footballers in the world. This title has been earned through sweat and tears.

Mia is Erika Choperena’s First Child with Antoine Griezman:


They became parents to Mia, a beautiful blonde girl in April 2016. Their daughter Mia was baptized by the couple on May 7 of the same year. They then went through the altar less than a month later to formalize their relationship.

Six years of marriage and a daughter were necessary to celebrate. Therefore, Antoine Griezmann and Erika Choperena celebrated an intimate and family-friendly wedding at Galiana Palace in Toledo, on June 15 the same year.

He never stops dedicating tokens to his partner. Griezmann dedicated his goal to his future wife during a match with Atletico de Madrid. You could see the message on her shirt: “Happy Birthday, Chubby.”

More on Erika Choperena’s First Child for Griezmann, Mia:

Their first daughter, Mia, was born in Madrid. Antoine Griezmann spoke about the birth of their little girl as a major change. He said that he could no longer walk with a crest or with white hair because he was going to be a dad.


Erika Choperena’s pedagogy degree is a fascinating fact to know about. However, she is passionate about fashion. She even started a blog called “Cordially Erika”, where she discussed the latest fashion trends. She eventually gave up on the hobby later on.

Erika Choperena’s Height and Body Measurements:


Erika has a good body measurement of 32-26-33.3 inches. She is 5’4″ (168 cm) tall and weighs in at 55 kg. Erika Choperena’s other important characteristic is that she can be a housewife that will cater for all family needs in her husband absence.

Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann have a Boy or Girl! :


Antoine Griezmann has in a humorous way, confirmed if the baby he’s expecting is a boy or a girl. Erika and her husband shared their great news with their fans with a hilarious video. They wanted to share their joy with their followers.

Moreover, they wanted to confirm the sex of their baby to them in an unusual way. So, the footballer handed a ball to a target, this opened a trunk out of which many blue balloons were released. It’s a boy! It’s a joy to have the long-awaited couple.

Erika Choperena Net Worth:


Erika Chopenera net’s net worth is approximately $750k USD in 2019. Her husband, Antoine Griezmann is a professional French footballer who plays at the Spanish club Atletico Madrid as well as the French National Football Team.

He plays in the team’s forward position. Griezmann began his career in 2009 with Real Sociedad, winning the Segunda Division title his first season. After spending, few years with Real Sociedad, Griezmann moved to Atletico Madrid in 2014.

This was a club-record amount at the time. According to a 2017 report, his release clause was increased to EUR100 million.

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Although the car of the French star is not as luxurious as those owned by McLaren P1, Bentley, and BMW, it does not look like one of his cars. He lives in Madrid and recently purchased a luxurious house. This property has a value of approximately $2.1 million.

Griezmann is considered to be the next big thing for European football. He is involved in many endorsements that make him money. The forward is a partner with EA Sports and Gillette. Beats by Dre is the latest brand for whom he has been an ambassador.

Erika Choperena applauds Antoine Griezmann:


Erika Choperena was among the most enthusiastic about Antoine Griezmann scoring two goals in Wednesday’s Europa League final in Lyon. He was still a promising football player and she was a young Vera de Bidasoa (Navarra) woman.

He met her at the same residence where they shared meals together. Although he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, it took him over a year to win her back. Griezmann said that it had made him better both on and off the field.

The couple has remained together almost ten years since their first meeting. Griezmann greets his wife on the field and devotes many of his goals, as can be seen in Euro 2016 in France.

The Lifestyle of Erika Choperena (Wife of Antoine Griezmann):


Erika Choperena has a profile on social media, but it is not public. This reflects her discretion, which is far removed from the WAG community and all that surrounds her. She has many fans that share images of her on their pages.

Unlike Georgina Rodriguez, she is not a fan of sharing her life on social networks. She also does not seek to be present at social events. In fact, the Pedagogy graduate is passionate about fashion and blogging. 

Erika was always passionate about fashion and began a blog called “Cordially Erika”. She is now a successful businesswoman and owns AQUE APPAREL, a swimwear store.

Erika Choperena Instagram:


Although Erika Choperena doesn’t upload many photos to her Instagram account, she has over 300,000 followers. With whom she shares a little bit about her life, her children, and trips, among others.

His appearances are also measured with a dropper, according to the photos that the footballer has made public. He made an exception in Monaco and it was worth it. Antoine Griezmann might be “crowned” the best European footballer.

Griezmann for his part shows his love for his daughter’s mom on Instagram. He wrote a touching message to his daughter Erika at Christmas that read: “This year, I was without a list because I have everything I need to be happy.”

The footballer, who was always supported by his girlfriend, tried to win the European Champion of Europe title for his National Team on Sunday without success. His girlfriend Erika Choperena waited on the rostrum to console him after the loss.


Griezmann and his wife, Erika, travelled to the United States for several professional obligations. But, they’ve been on their honeymoon for three days. Erika shared the information on Instagram but did not reveal the destination. 

Erika Choperena is a discrete Spanish speaker in the “Olympus of the Gods”:


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Antoine Griezmann, one of the nominees for the best player in Europe, was accompanied by Erika Choperena, his most discrete WAG. All eyes were on Monte Carlo, especially for fans of the “beautiful” game.

Since his first relationship with Antoine Griezmann, his motto has been discretion. However, the Frenchman started to thrive on grass and became a popular player until he was regarded as one of the top European footballers and a hero whenever he gets.

This desire to be a part of the national team only grew as he was able to serve his country. There were no surprises, but Cristiano Ronaldo was the winner. He was with Gareth Bale, the Frenchman, and Emma Rhys Jones, his teammate.

Erika was also present, she was dressed in a silver gown. A very natural look, she was at Antoine’s side every step of the way and recorded the moment his partner entered the stage. Mia’s parents have been the protagonists of a long, secretive love story.

Kissing between Erika Choperena and Antoine Griezmann:


After scoring two goals against Germany, the tiny player led his team to the Eurocup grand final. His girl was happy and they both share an amazing kiss together. After the meeting, Antoine Griezmann melted in his kiss with Erika Choperena.

Erika Choperena is Griezmann’s Boss and Wife:


Antoine Griezmann is one of the most respected football players in the world. It has been difficult, but it was not easy. He was born in Macon, France. Although he was raised far away from his family.

He was still a promise when he met Erika Choperena. They met at the residence where he ate together. Although he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, it took him over a year to win his heart.

Since that time, she has become a pillar of his life. Griezmann said that it had made him better off and on the field in an interview with El Transistor, in which he also recalled his love story. Erika Choperena is “the boss”

Griezmann spoke candidly to Icon magazine about Erika, revealing that she is his boss. Because she takes care of everything. She handles all the paperwork at home. I don’t think about paperwork.


Griezmann gave icon a personal interview, he discussed many subjects and also explained why Erika is “The Boss”. Erika made sure Mia, her daughter, did not interfere with the footballer’s sleep by taking care of the paperwork and the house.

Griezmann revealed that Erika’s decision-making skills are strong. This is due to her constant changes in appearance. Sometimes she can suggest things to me. She can also take a look for me, and I will wear it. Griezmann said she is always paying attention.

Erika Choperena’s nostalgy, Antoine Griezmann’s WAG:


Erika Choperena published a strange image of the couple seven years ago. This was when Atletico de Madrid’s footballer was just 20 years old and was actively involved in Real Sociedad. He wrote that “love at first laugh” was a description of photography.

This recalled the moments when their relationship took root. Griezmann shared his story about the night his daughter was born. This topic has been a hot topic lately due to Juanma Castano’s statements.


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