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Top Facts about Shannon de Lima – James Rodriguez’s Girlfriend

This article states facts about Shannon de Lima, the well-known and highly-respected Venezuelan model. The gorgeous American has been involved in quite a number of loves stories before meeting the Everton Talisman, James Rodriguez

In addition, she is best known for being Marc Anthony’s ex-wife before her relationship with James Rodriguez, the famous Colombian soccer player. We will be examining Shannon de Lima’s biography and discussing the many love stories she has shared.

Also, we will discuss why her past has been so controversial. It’s interesting to know Shannon de Lima is a public figure who is so jealous of her past. Let’s dive in to know more facts about one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived.

Facts about Shannon de Lima, James Rodriguez’s Girlfriend:

The following article will provide more information and facts about Shannon de Lima’s relationship with James Rodriguez.

Shannon de Lima Biography:


Let’s begin with  Shannon de Lima’s life before we talk about her biography. Shannon De Lima is a popular and well-known model from Venezuela. She is also known for being the ex-wife of the American singer, Marc Anthony.

Shannon who is also an entrepreneur has been in a relationship with James Rodriguez, a famous Colombian soccer player since 2019. The duo is also blessed with a boy which was giving birth to through surrogacy. Information about Shannon parents is not available.


Shannon de Lima was born in Venezuela on January 6, 1988. Venezuela is located in the Northern Coastal region and is a country to reckon with when we talk modelling. Shannon de Lima prefers to live abroad, but choose Miami as her second home.

Shannon loves modelling and was a model all her life. Her beauty made her won the Miss Earth Venezuela contest in 2005. Similarly, she has been featured in numerous magazines throughout her native country since then. Interestingly, her horoscope is Capricorn.

As a model, she would appear in various advertising campaigns for perfumes, makeup, and clothes over the years. To clarify, her most notable accomplishment is her almost winning Miss Earth Venezuela 2005.

Shannon de Lima’s lovers:


The fact is Shannon de Lima is not just a model but also a businesswoman. She is most well-known in international showbiz for her controversial love story, but she is also known for being Marc Anthony’s ex-wife.

Images of the Venezuelan beauty were revealed in which she is seen with a new celebrity. Shannon de Lima’s beauty is attracted to men with fame. This list includes a player, James Rodriguez, a singer, Marc Anthony and a boxer, Canelo Alvarez.

Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima:


Although there is not much information about how Shannon and Anthony met, they became public with their relationship by appearing together at functions and writing about one another on Facebook and Twitter.

They met again in a video clip of “Pale Flower”, which was recorded in 2014. This was the year that they were married. Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima’s marriage ended in divorce in 2017 after only two years.

She gave a kiss to her ex in the interview and denied rumours that she and her ex had a confidentiality agreement. “People make up things. Why shouldn’t Marc be my topic? I have nothing negative to say. What confidentiality? He has nothing to hide.


De Lima also denied the rumour that her marriage was over because Marc and Jennifer Lopez shared a kiss on stage at Latin Grammys 2016. She stressed that it wasn’t the kiss. “We were separated for approximately a month.”

She went to Lopez’s twins Max, Emme, and Emme’s birthday parties, and attended several of her concerts. Even when Shades of Blue star Casper Smart was still dating her, she visited Jenifer Lopez for lunch.

More on Shannon de Lima’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony:


Marc Anthony was so kind to her when he saw him again,” she stated. Marc was his father. Dani still refers to him as his father. Shannon de Lima’s important characteristic is her close relationship with Anthony’s children.

“I love his children very much. They are my family.” Shannon insists that, despite all the gossip, there is no bad blood between her and Anthony.

“We are great friends. He is my best friend. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but it’s not always as dramatic as people think”

From Marc Anthony to Saul Canelo Alvarez:

Shannon de Lima, who was left with a broken soul after her divorce from Marc Anthony, used the saying “After the storm comes, the calm comes”. Cupid appeared to visit her again in June 2017.

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However, the romance began online when Shannon de Lima published a photo of herself and the popular boxer, Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Shannon de Lima and ex-lover, Canelo Alvarez’s:


Shannon de Lima and Canelo Alvarez sealed their love with a kiss. The sweet moment was shared by the Venezuelan model with Canelo Alvarez on Tuesday, June 20 at a promotional event to promote his fight against Gennady Glovkin.

The clip was posted by Primer Impacto to Instagram. She wearing a black jumpsuit and a smock kisses Canelo before walking off the carpet to take pictures. Shannon and Canelo kept their romance alive on Instagram through a series of flirty comments.

The model posted a photo from the NYC event on Canelo’s Instagram account and commented, “I love your capacitor,” to which Canelo replied, “I love Mamacita madly.” Recently, the Venezuelan beauty showed support for her man via her Facebook page.

Shannon de Lima and James Rodriguez Love Story:


Shannon de Lima’s personal life has the amazing fact that she had relationships with many famous people like Canelo Alvarez and Marc Anthony. The couple love story seems to have been adapted from a soap opera that featured romance, passion, mystery and rumours.

Since their beginning, the couple has kept their relationship private. There have been few occasions when they publicly declared their love. Cupido flew James Rodriguez from Colombia to meet Shannon de Lima (a beautiful Venezuelan model).

However, they didn’t make their love public. For many months, it was speculated whether they were in a relationship. These photos showed that there was more to their relationship than friendship.

The couple became legally married after rumours had swirled for over a year. The model posted a photo of Shannon and Shannon at Bayern Munich, where she won the German Cup final in May 2019. Shannon was confirmed by the striker to a German media.

When asked by German media if he was in a relationship with the model, James Rodriguez, said that they have a great partnership. They have lived together in many cities. They have been together since the beginning of their relationship. 

More on Shannon de Lima love story:


Shannon from Lima suddenly became interested in soccer. James Rodriguez was the real reason this celebrity became so interested in soccer. Cupid flew them to Miami where they met. Their love story began in Miami where the mannequin was living with her son.

When they met in summer 2018. James was the City of the Sun, playing the preseason with Bayern Munich. After Eintracht Frankfurt’s, Shannon entered the field to congratulate James. Rumours suggest that they were together for over a year. 

James published a photo with the model in one of his stories. Shannon de Lima shared the image. They have lived together in Madrid and Munich, where James played for Real Madrid and Bayern.

They form a lovely Modern Family right next to Salome, the baby the footballer had via a surrogate. This was James’ firstborn with Daniela Ospina and Shannon’s son Daniel. She is proud of her partner’s achievements.

Real Madrid had been unable to sustain the player’s professional career, so signing the player was a good decision for him and his family. This beautiful message was written by his beautiful girlfriend via social media. He also shared this photo as he rarely does.

Shannon and Salome, James’s daughter:


Shannon de Lima, a beautiful Venezuelan model, has won over Salome’s, James daughter. The chemistry between them and Shannon is incredible. That video they made together on Tik Tok is hilarious.

This is a hilarious stepmom! It has nothing to do with the terrible stepmoms featured in the stories. Shannon dedicated a beautiful message for James Rodriguez on Father’s Day.

He was called “papacito” by the model, and he also said that he “is the best”. The sexy model is sure to recognize that her boyfriend is a great dad. James will undoubtedly be a sweet stepfather for her son Daniel.

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Shannon de Lima Social Media:


Shannon De Lima’s social media accounts (@shadelima) have more than 2,000,000 followers. Her followers also know that she has her own line of beauty products. She uses this product on her social media networks to promote herself and other influencers.

Shannon de Lima is a real person. Her social media posts, which she shares with her many followers, promote her business or part of her private life. She also shows very sensual photos from her modelling sessions.

Shannon has done her part to support those in greatest need or to support global trends in disaster aid. Many people are curious about the details of their lives, including where they were born and their family history. Some people love Shannon de Lima, while others don’t.

The most notable fact is that despite being a celebrity she has not been open about her roots. However, she has stated on several occasions that her family is her most important thing.

Shannon de Lima body measurement:

The sexy model is 5′ 9″ tall. She is approximately 55 kg or 121 lbs. Shannon de Lima professional career. Shannon de Lima is a beautiful Venezuelan model. Internationally, she is best known for her 2005 Miss Earth Venezuela pageant where she was the 1st runner up.


Shannon de Lima was inspired by her passion for fashion to become a fashion blogger as well as a fashion designer. The success story of the Venezuelan model is an inspiration in fashion and modelling.

Shannon de Lima Net Worth:


As at the time of putting this up, Shannon de Lima is worth $1 million. Her first recognition was as the First Runner Up in Miss Earth Venezuela 2005 pageant. James, Shannon de Lima’s boyfriend is worth $24.5 million.

Shannon de Lima’s children:


The happy news became viral in a matter of minutes. James Rodriguez, announced the birth of Samuel, his second child. The soccer star was surprised by the announcement. James didn’t reveal the baby’s mother’s name at the point of reporting.

But HOLA! Spain confirmed that the Venezuelan model was indeed the mother of the baby. She arrived via surrogate mother. James Rodriguez stunned the world when he announced that he was now a father for the second consecutive time.

“I want you to feel my greatest joy. Today God allowed me to be a father once more, and we are grateful for Samuel’s birth in our family.

“This moment is a happy one for us. I want to thank all of you in advance for your kindness, respect, and discretion,”

James wrote on social media. He included a sweet photo of Samuel holding his finger. Shannon de Lima quickly expressed her happiness at the news of her boyfriend’s engagement.

Shannon responded to Marc Anthony’s lovely message with heart emojis and blessings. Later, Marc Anthony’s ex-wife shared another tender photo showing Marc Anthony’s newborn’s little foot.

More on her children:

The couple called the baby Samu as a sign of their love and affection. Shannon is not the mother of James’ child but she is close to him. The baby’s arrival was also announced by the mannequin via her Instagram account.

The model adores little Samu. Shannon shared this moment on her Instagram account, which made her smile and melted the hearts of all her followers. Samuel’s smile at his girlfriend’s father is the best proof that he loves her. 


This photo of the baby’s delicate foot is part of James’sarm Tattoo. The model shouted to the entire world that he was Samu. Shannon is undoubtedly part of the Colombian star’s family. Samuel is the first child of the couple.

James, however, has a daughter through his marriage to Daniela Ospina in Colombia. Shannon also shares a 12-year-old son with Manuel “Coco Sosa (Venezuelan actor).

More on Shannon de Lima’s kids:

James’ ex-wife and their daughter Salome were among those who congratulated the couple. “Welcome little bro,” wrote the six-year-old, who also has an Instagram account that is managed by her parents.

Family and friends sent their best wishes to the couple. James mother wrote a sweet message to her daughter, wishing her a happy and blessed grandmother. The new parents were also blessed by the sweet words of Alejandro Sanz and Falcao, Colombia’s soccer star.

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Manuel ‘Coco’ Sosa, Daniel:


Shannon’s 10-year-old son Daniel Alejandro Sosa was born to Sosa. People en Espanol sources say that their relationship was already in decline months before Daniel was born. After 2008, the couple split up.
They became parents shortly afterwards. The couple were photographed very affectionate at the Dominican Republic’s Gente de Zona concert, in which Marc Anthony was also present.

Shannon de Lima and Rodriguez Exes:


James Rodriguez wed Daniela Ospina, a volleyball player, on 24 December 2010. This was in Medellin (Colombia). Daniela was just 18 when she married the footballer. The couple were eager to start a family and became parents to Salome, on 29 March 2013.

Like her parents, the little girl made a name for herself early on in life when she was a child model for EPK. After six years of being together, Salome’s parents divorced in 2016. James and Salome’s ex-wife divorced in 2016 after six years of being together.

James Rodriguez was introduced to Helga Lovekaty, a Russian model, at a party hosted by Cristiano Ronaldo. This was before Shannon de Lima’s romance story.

More on Shannon de Lima and Rodriguez Exes:

The model even cheered on her man at Russia’s 2018 World Cup. The couple has yet to admit their relationship. Until now, the relationship status of James and his alleged girlfriend is not clear as of 2019.

Both Daniela Rodriguez and James want to be able to share a happy relationship with their daughter. James Rodriguez and his ex-wife announced their separation but maintained a close friendship for their daughter’s sake.

We both respect and admire one another. And we recognize the importance of a healthy relationship to raise our daughter. Daniela stated that she is not responsible for the events between us.

Shannon de Lima Lifestyle:


Shannon and James enjoy spending time with their friends and having fun. They are both great at having fun and demonstrating their love for each other through their online videos. The American dedicates sweet messages to her lover on Instagram.

Shannon de Lima is known for being reserved and not open to the world. Shannon de Lima is also known for not talking about her personal life. She does however write tender, loving messages to James every day. They share the holidays together, and they are in love.

Shannon de Lima and James share the most significant events of the year, including Christmas. They had a wonderful time together as a family, and they also congratulated their followers with this selfie taken in Venezuela by the gorgeous model.

They are one of the most stable and enjoyable couples in entertainment and family fun. They have overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship and having children from other couples as well as media pressure.

Shannon de Lima long-distance relationship:


Although they have had a long-distance relationship, the Colombians (Shannon Rodriguez and James Rodriguez) are still in a happy marriage. Shannon lives in Miami, Florida, where she attends most of her professional obligations.

But she travels to Europe whenever she can to be with her beloved. They have shown that they can handle the distance and that there is love.

Shannon de Lima social life:


Likewise, they have been very private about their relationship and their personal lives. They began attending events together slowly. The model was there to accompany the soccer player to the Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors & River Plates.

It was evident that the couple were deeply in love and together.  In 2019, James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima were both seen together. They began to share more photos together, which further confirmed their relationship. However, neither of them wanted to be public.


Shannon and James started their lives together away from the spotlight. Both were not public figures so they kept their relationship private until it became solidified and they felt certain that it was serious.

Will the love story between Shannon and James continue forever? Let us know your view in the comment section. You can as well read about the love story of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, who happens to be James Rodriguez former teammate at Real Madrid. 


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