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10 Fitness and Wellness Facts for the Curious Mind

Without a doubt, being physically active is outstanding for health and this should be part of everyone’s daily routine. RankingFact provides Fitness and Wellness Facts for the curious mind. Before we kick off this category, let’s share some fun fitness and Wellness Trivias.

  1. Over 650 muscles are present in the human body. Among them, the heart is the strongest and the hardest working. Humans use about 200 muscles just to take a single step forward.
  2. The human heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day and pumps almost 2,000 gallons of blood still on a daily basis.
  3. You’ve probably asked… Why do people breathe more during physical exercise? The answer is to keep oxygen levels in the blood at good levels.
  4. A sign of exercising to intensively comes when you can’t speak a few words without taking a breath.
  5. People who don’t exercise regularity stand the risk of losing up to 80% of their muscles by the time they get to age 65.
  6. Physical Exercising has helped to reduce the risk of heart disease than any other diseases. Truth is, it helps reduce blood pressure to the heart, including cholesterol levels.
  7. On average, people work about 7,500 steps per day. If you stick to that habit and live up to 80 years, it means in your lifetime, you must have worked for about 110,000 miles.
  8. Stretching before running is not the best approach to exercise. Instead of doing it, we should try walking or run-specific moves. This helps to mobilize the joint and it is the best exercise to do before running. In summary, we can improve our endurance when we walk or do some walk specific moves before running.
  9. People often say they do exercise to reduce weight. Truth is, exercise won’t make you get thin, especially when you don’t combine it with dietary changes.
  10. There is a 60 per cent chance that your Gym membership might go unused before mid-February, especially when you make it as your new year resolution.

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