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Gisele Bundchen Facts – Childhood, Biography, Family, Parents, Brady

Our Gisele Bundchen Biography (Tom Brady’s wife), tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Husband, Children, Personal Life, Lifestyle, and Net worth.

In plain terms, we present the life history of Gisele Bundchen. RankingFact begins her story from the earliest days to when she becomes famous. To kick start her autobiography, here is her cradle-to-rise gallery below.

Yes, everyone knows Gisele Bundchen is the wife of the famous American football player, Tom Brady, who plays for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Notwithstanding, only a few know her complete Life Story. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Gisele Bundchen Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, she bears the nickname “Gise”. Gisele Caroline Bundchen was born on the 20th day of July 1980 to her mother, Vania Nonnenmacher, and her father, Valdir Bundchen at Horizontina, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Gise is among the six children born of the union of her lovely parents, Valdir and Vania Bundchen. To clarify, Gisele has a sister, Patricia, who is her fraternal twin. Similarly, she also has two older sisters, Raquel and Graziela, and two younger sisters, Gabriela and Rafaela. Below is a picture of her lovely parents, Valdir, and Vania, who gave birth to them all.

Gisele Bundchen – Growing-Up years:

Growing up in Horizontina, a town with a population of 17,000 in southern Brazil. Gisele grew up with her siblings. Usually, their parents taught them to work together and help each other. This made Gisele and her siblings operated as a team, especially with chores during childhood.

Gisele Bundchen – Family Background:

Spending childhood in a happy middle-class household is like experiencing earlier heaven. This is the case of Gise. Gisele’s father, Valdir, was a college teacher and a writer. Her mother, Vania, was a teller at a local bank. Both parents worked hard to keep their families and home perfect.

Gisele Bundchen – Family Origin:

First, by Nationality, Gisele is Brazilian. But her parents, Vania and Valdir, are both of German ancestry. But as we know, Gisele was born and raised in Horizontina, Brazil, where there is a large ethnic German community. To clarify, Gisele has a mixed ethnicity, she is an American and a German.

Gisele Bundchen – Education:

Gise’s parents enrolled the Brazilian in a modelling course at age 13. She attended the course with her fraternal twin sister, Patricia, and one of her younger sisters Gabriela. Meanwhile, Gise came out in flying colours and that set a tone for her modelling career.

Gisele Bundchen Biography – Early Career Life Story:

In the beginning, modelling was never a passion or an aspiration. It was just something that happened when she was 14. In fact, prior to that time, Gisele never even knew modelling existed. Beauty always wanted to be a volleyball player.

As destiny would have it, a man who scouted for Elite Model Management at a mall in Sao Paulo discovered Gise. However, the man urged her mother to enrol her in an Elite national modelling contest, which she did. Gise did her family proud by going home with the second position in the contest.

Moreover, two years after Elite Model Management discovered her at a McDonald’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Gisele Bundchen continues her journey of being a model and competing in the fashion industry.

Gisele Bundchen Bio – Road To Fame Story:

As the journey goes on, Gisele moved to New York to begin her modelling career fully. Things weren’t that easy as she visited 42 castings and got rejected because of a too-long nose. But Gisele didn’t give up keep pushing her to achieve her goals.

Gisele Bundchen scored her first big break when she cast to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Later that year, she swaggered her stuff for Emporio Armani during the fashion house’s spring, ready-to-wear collection presentation in Milan. From there, her modelling career took off like flame.

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Most importantly, the same year Vogue magazine credited Gisele with ending the heroin chic era of modelling. Gisele became a Victoria’s Secret Angels in 2000. She remained an Angel until 2007.

Gisele Bundchen Biography – Success Story:

Before rising to prominence, she was into acting briefly as well. To clarify, the sexy model had supporting roles in Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada Movies.

Fast forward to the time of putting this up, Gisele has become a huge international success over the years and has signed an incredibly lucrative deal for herself as a  supermodel. In fact, the Brazilian is the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment industry and the highest-paid model in the world.

Today, she serves as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. Above all, we well know the Brazilian as the wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Gisele Bundchen Love Life – Boyfriend, Husband, Children?

In this section, we bring you a full history of her relationship life. Unlike Savannah Brinson who met her husband at a very young age. Gisele had quite a number of relationships before meeting the American football star, Tom Brady. Let’s begin with some of her preceding relationships

Gisele Bundchen Previous Relationships:

Joao Paulo Diniz:

Gisele dated business executive Joao Paulo Diniz, Joao was 17 years her senior, for a few months in 1999. During this period, Gisele was a rising star in the modelling world and had won the VH1 Vogue Model of the Year award.

Scott Barnhill:

The same year she dated and broke up with Joao Paulo, she then dated fellow model Scott Barnhill. The relationship didn’t last long that they split.

Rico Mansur:

Moving on, Gisele dated Brazilian polo player Rico Mansur for six months. At the time they met, Rico was engaged to model Isabella Fiorentino, but he ended their relationship after meeting Gisele.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio started dating in 1999. The extremely private pair made a rare public outing to catch at the Utah Jazz in 2003.

After years of keeping their relationship on the extreme down-low, Leonardo DiCaprio brought then-girlfriend Gisele Bundchen as his plus-one to the 77th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles in 2005. Later that year, the duo call the relationship to an end.

Kelly Slater:

In 2005, Gisele began dating professional surfer Kelly Slater after her split from Leonardo. The two were together for a brief stint until early 2006, but the relationship didn’t last.

Josh Hartnett:

In 2006 she dated actor Josh Hartnett, although the fling was short-lived. The two reportedly caught kissing outside of a restaurant in New York City a week after Josh split with ex-girlfriend Scarlett Johansson.

How Gisele Bundchen Met Tom Brady:

She started seeing NFL quarterback Tom Brady in late 2006. Although they didn’t pose together on the red carpet at the May 7, 2007, Met Gala. But they were snap holding hands as they left the annual event in New York City.

Gisele on the first meeting with Tom:

“We met for wine at Turks & Frogs in the West Village. Tom’s kind eyes. Even though he’s 6-foot-5 and very strong, he has a gentle demeanor.”

Marriage with Tom Brady:

Gisele and Tom tie the knot on the 26th day of February 2009. They held the ceremony at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California. Later that year, the couple had a second ceremony in Costa Rica.

Children with Tom Brady:

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have two children together, Son, Benjamin Rein Brady, and Daughter, Vivian Lake Brady.

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Benjamin Rein Brady:

Gisele and Tom’s first child together, Benjamin Brady, was born on the 8th day of December 2009. Considering Ben is a little jokester, the pair are always sharing hilarious moments involving him in their social media profiles.

Vivian Lake Brady:

The couple welcomed their first and only daughter, Vivian, on the 5th day of December 2012, and just like her brother, Vivian accompanies her parents to big events.

In addition, she is also often spotted on their Instagram. Whether they’re doing yoga together at home or cheering Tom on at a football game, Vivian is always up for a good time with her parents.

About Gisele Bundchen Stepson:

John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on the 22nd day of August 2007 at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, United States. John is the son of National Football League Quarterback Tom Brady and his former girlfriend Irish-American actor model, Kathryn Bridget Moynahan.

Giselle sparked some controversy when she once said that she felt like John was her own son. She further went on to say that even though John is with her and Tom 50% of the time and his mother for the other 50%, she still 100% considers Jack her son.

Gisele Bundchen Personal Life Facts:

Aside from knowing Gisele as the wife of the famous American Football player, Tom Brady. Most people don’t know her personality off the screen. Now the question is…. Who is Gisele Bundchen?

First, Gisele is sensitive and cares deeply about matters of her family and her home. Likewise, she is very loyal and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering. This and many more about her are traits of the Cancer Zodiac.

More so, Gisele Bundchen seems to be one of those people who can impress people with hidden talents. The Brazilian beauty once posted a lovely video of her displaying her kickboxing skills with an MMA athlete. Below is the video that completes the assertion that Gisele Bündchen Is a Force of Nature.

Gisele Bundchen Lifestyle:

The lifestyle of the Brazilian model is worthy of her reputation as she and her husband, Tom Brady, trying to have a discreet life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t lavish. Just like Antonella Roccuzzo, we see her spending the most time with her husband and her children.

Gisele Bundchen – Net worth:

The mother of two was the highest-paid model in the world from 2002 to 2017. As of this writing, Gisele Bundchen has earned $500 million from her modelling and endorsement career alone. That figure does not include real estate assets and various other non-liquid investments.

Likewise, she owned the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s richest supermodel. Gisele has been the face of over 20 brands internationally and has appeared on more magazine covers than any other model.

Gisele Bundchen Family Life:

If someone sticks by your side throughout your preparatory stage or when you were nothing, then they deserve to be with you throughout your time of success. This is the case of Gisele Bundchen.

In this section, we’ll breakdown facts about Gisele Bundchen’s parents, siblings, and relatives. We can see her family plays a huge role in her journey. Thus, it important to know more about her family life.

About Gisele Bundchen’s Father:

Gisele’s Father, Valdir, is a loving Dad. Early on, he was a college teacher and a writer. As a father, he did all he can to raise up his six beautiful girls. Majorly now he is into real estate and works with her daughter, Gisele on environmental projects.

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About Gisele Bundchen’s Mother:

Meet Gisele Bundchen’s mother, Vania, who used to be a teller at a local bank. The proud Mum always worked hard and prized discipline. For Gisele having this jewelry as her mother, she admitted she learned a great deal from her dedication to her family and home.

About Gisele Bundchen’s Siblings:

Gisele has a sister, Patricia, who is her fraternal twin. She also has two older sisters, Raquel and Graziela, and two younger sisters, Gabriela and Rafaela. You could say family is a key part of Gisele’s success. Her non-identical twin sister Patricia (seven minutes younger) has worked as her manager for years.

Similarly, her four other sisters, two of whom are also on the model’s payroll. Gabriela works as her lawyer and Rafaela manages her website. Meanwhile, Raquel is an accountant and Graziela is a judge in Brazil.

About Gisele Bundchen’s Relatives:

First, Gisele’s paternal grandfather is Walter Bundchen, while her paternal grandmother is Lucila Luckemeyer. Likewise, Gisele’s maternal grandfather is Joao Theobaldo Nonnenmacher, while her maternal grandmother is Maria Kolling. We gather no information about her uncles and cousins as at the time of writing.

Gisele Bundchen Untold Facts:

Wrapping up the childhood story and Biography facts of Gise, we will use this section to tell you some lesser-known facts you need to about Tomy Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Facts #1 – Planted the first Tree in a Forest Named After Her:

In 2008, Gisele planted the first tree in a Brazilian forest named after her. To clarify, she shared a throwback pic of the occasion to her Instagram account, with a caption declaring how proud she was of the Gisele Bundchen forest.

Facts #2 –  Gisele15 million Dollars Red Hot Fantasy Bra:

The supermodel wore the most expensive Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bra of all time, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra, worth $15 million USD in the year 2000, which was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive piece of lingerie ever created.

Facts #3 – Wanted To Be A Volleyball Player:

Gisele Bundchen made history as the highest-paid model in the world. Despite that, her childhood dream was to become a volleyball player. To clarify, the model used to play in the school team, and since she is a perfectionist. In conclusion, there is no doubt Gisele would go far. However, things changed after she signed up for a modeling course when she was 13.

Facts #4 – Personal Chef:

Gisele Bundchen has changed her mindset about her diet. However, the model revealed that when she started modelling, she loved to eat junk food, but it changed after some years. Although she is not a vegetarian, most of her diet is plant-based. Bundchen hired the personal chef Allen Campbell to take care of her diet.


Thanks for reading this article about the childhood biography and untold facts about the wife of Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen. We believe this narrates the duo’s love story and tells the truth to some lesser-known facts about the Brazilian model.

At Ranking Facts, we give you childhood stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. Do well to contact us or leave a message below if you see something that doesn’t look right. For a summary of Gisele Bundchen’s biography, use this Wiki Table.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Gisele Caroline Bundchen
Children: Vivian and Benjamin Brady
Date of Birth:20th day of July 1980
Place of Birth:Horizontina, Brazi
Profession:Model, Writer, and Business woman
Father:Valdir Bundchen
Mother:Vania Nonnenmacher
Siblings:Patricia, Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela Bundchen
Husband:Tom Brady
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Cancer
Height:1.80 m
Net Worth:$400 Million

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