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10 Men Health Facts for the Curious Mind

Men can be everything- whether it is from the point of view of fathers, husbands, brothers, sons and friends. For us, Men’s Health is equally important as it is our prime focus in our health section.

The essence of this article is to spread awareness about health facts that affect men. Before we proceed, let’s give you some fun facts about Men’s health you probably didn’t know about.

  1. On a global scale, the average man has a life expectancy of 64.5 years. This is lower than women who have 68.76 years. By implication, it means men die 3.7 years earlier than women and the most common cause of death for men is heart disease.
  2. Annually, 230,000 men get diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 200,000 survives while 30,000 dies from it.
  3. Research shows that men are three times more likely to die from committing suicide than women. In the US, an average of 90 men dies from suicide every day.
  4. Globally, men account for about 55% of workforce. Sadly, they account for 90% of deaths at workplaces.
  5. A man who smokes daily from the age of 18 has the likelihood of loosing up to 12 teeth by the age of 72.
  6. Men who sleep for 7 or more hours a night have a 60% LESS-RISK of a fatal heart attack than those who sleep for 5 hours or fewer.
  7. Men who form the habit of climbing 50 stairs OR walking 5 city blocks per day will have a lower risk of a heart attack.
  8. Consuming 4 to 10 drinks per week reduces the potential of type 2 diabetics. Heavy drinking, on the other hand, can reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which can trigger type 2 diabetes.
  9. Only 30% of men’s health has genetically determined. The other 70% is controlled by the lifestyle a man chooses to have.
  10. The 10 most leading cause of death for men includes; homicide, suicide, HIV-AIDS, cancer of all types, heart disease, pneumonia/influenza, liver cirrhosis, metabolic disorders and stroke.

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