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Top Facts about Magi Sadeq – Mohamed Salah Wife

As opposed to other footballers wives Mohamed Salah’s teenage lover, Magi Sadeq, isn’t a social media person and doesn’t take part in interviews.

Let’s dive in to know more about the woman behind the scene of Mohammed Salah achievements, Magi Sadeq.

Magi Salah is the wife of Mohamed Salah, the star footballer, also known as the Egyptian Messi. He is Liverpool’s forward ace. Salah was a former player for Roma and Fiorentina before joining Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Magi Sadeq, unlike Antonella Roccuzzo and Georgina Rodriguez is well-known for his low profile in media, compared to other footballers’ wives and girlfriends.

Magi Mohammed Sadiq was born in Egypt. She has been a constant focal point for football fans all over the world. Despite all the attention she has received, Magi decided to keep her head above the rest. Here are some fascinating facts about Magi.

In 2013, the couple were married in Nagrig, an Egyptian village. Magi and Salah met when they were very young. They went to the same school in Basyoun.

Over the years, their relationship blossomed. Magi is a shy woman and rarely makes public appearances.

Facts about Magi Sadeq – Mohamed Salah’s Wife:

To begin with, Magi Salah’s first unique characteristic is her faith. She has never been seen without her hijab. Magi doesn’t seem to mind the criticisms she receives about her attire and continues living the life she loves as a proud Muslim.

Magi Sadeq Biography:


Born in 1994, Magi Sadeq was raised in Nagrig in Gharbia (Egypt), the same village where Salah was born. Magi Sadeq is 27 years old as of the time of writing.

Magi Sadeq has a twin sister, Mohab, and two other sisters, Mahy and Miram. She was born to two teachers, her mum and dad both teaches at Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi school, where they met each other.

The twins earned a bachelor’s from the Faculty of Commerce Alexandria, contrary to the common belief that Magi holds a degree in Biotechnology.

Magi Sadeq and her husband are close friends, which is another fact. We don’t have enough information about Magi Sadeq’s childhood. They were married in December 2013 and Makka Salah was born a little over a year later.

It’s worth noting that Magi was a supportive wife all through Salah’s career. She is rarely seen in public but can be often seen cheering on her husband during matches. She is a strong believer in Islam and wears the hijab at all times.

Magi Sadeq and Mohamed Salah Love Story:

Behind every great man, there stands a great woman. You will agree with me that, Magi Salah is the most discrete wife in the football world.

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Certainly, Mo Salah would not be where he is today without her. But, how did Magi win the hearts of one of the most respected players in the world?

Their love endured the test of times as Sadeq was a student at the same school, and Salah was a junior high classmate throughout their elementary and senior years. According to Sadeq’s mom, that’s when their love story began.

Magi Salah’s Personality:


Magi Sadeq’s interesting thing is that she has only appeared in public a handful of times. After Salah’s Premier League 2017/18 Golden Boot, her first public appearance was heavily criticised.

Magi was accompanied by her husband to the Confederation of African Football’s celebrations, where Salah was awarded the African Player of the year award.

She was accompanied by Makka, their daughter, at celebrations to mark Salah’s win of the Premier League Golden Boot award and Liverpool’s 2019 UEFA Champions League.

Mixed reactions were received to her simple, conservative outfit. She was often compared to the wives of footballers who dress up and show off their social media presence.

She is not like them (e.g. Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s spouse) and she insists on visiting her home town whenever possible. She lives a simple life despite all the fame and changes that she has seen over the years.

Magi Sadeq’s is a philanthropist, she loves helping girls in her village to pay for their marriages and also lending a hand to unprivileged families. When doing this, she keeps herself humble and out of the limelight.

Magi supports Salah’s charity projects:


To start with, Magi Sadeq is not open about her personal life, but she supports her husband’s work and attends most of his matches.

She was there to support Salah during the event organized by the Confederation of African Football in honour of Salah’s win of the African Player of the year award.

Magi and their daughter were present at the celebrations to honour Salah’s 2018-2019 win of the Premier League Golden Boot award. In addition, they are also present to celebrate Liverpool’s victory in the 2018-2019 UEFA Champions League.

Magi and Makka attended the 2017-2018 season’s Premier League when Salah won a record 32 goals. Makka stole the hearts of her fans by dancing around in a Liverpool jersey with her father’s number and name on it.

More on Magi Supporting her Husband:

Salah is accompanied by Magi when he returns to his hometown each Ramadan. Salah and Magi also give a lot of their time to the village.

They purchase home appliances for newlyweds in the village and other necessities. She also participates in charity events organized by the village.

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Salah thanked Magi for her support and said,

“I am unfair towards Magi because I give her the least of my time due to the nature of the work I do.”

Magi Sadeq isn’t active on social media. Her husband, however, shares moments from his daily life on his social media profiles.

Salah posted a picture on Instagram in mid-2019 that showed him and his family taking a luxurious vacation abroad.

Magi doesn’t want to be noticed or steal the spotlight, despite her Arab beauty charm. Instead, she prefers to remain in the shadows and encourage her husband to succeed.

Magi Sadeq and Mohamed Salah Wedding:

Their love story was the talk in their town. Salah and Magi were married in Nagrig, Egypt on December 17, 2013.

Salah, who was then a part of the Swiss football team Basel, was just starting to enjoy fame in European football and had just returned from his first break to his village.

Magi Sadeq’s wedding was a celebration that brought together the entire village. Among the many guests at the wedding were some Egyptian celebrities such as Sa’ad Al Sughayar and Hamada Hilal.

At the wedding, Egyptian singers performed. Magi looked beautiful in her white wedding gown. Nagrig’s people blessed the couple and gave them practical gifts to help them start their lives after marriage.

After their marriage, Magi and Salah moved to a metropolitan county in North West England.

Magi Sadeq’s Children:

In October 2014, the couple had a baby girl at London’s Westminster Hospital. The little angel was named after Mecca, the Islamic holy city in Saudi Arabia.

Because they didn’t want anyone to misunderstand their daughter or confuse the meaning of her name with ‘Mecca Bingo’, the Muslim couple chose a different spelling.

Makka was actually born while Mohamed Salah was playing for Chelsea. Magi tries to keep Makka out of the media spotlight, but Salah posts her photos frequently on Instagram.

Salah posts photos on his Instagram account of Makka playing on the beach, at home or in the park. Magi Salah also revealed that her second child was born in a British hospital in 2020.

Maggie and Mohamed named their newborn “Kayan”, an Arabic feminine name that means nature and creation.

More on Magi Sadeq’s children:

Salah’s second child was born in Liverpool. His first daughter Mecca was born at London’s Chelsea in 2014. Jordan Henderson’s wife, Salah, gave birth to a boy the same day. He is Mohamed’s Liverpool teammate.

Fans of football speculated about the timing of the births. They occurred exactly nine months after Liverpool had beaten Barcelona 4-0 in a stunning victory.

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Magi Sadeq Religion:

Both Magi and Mo are religious. Magi is a firm believer in Islam and wears a hijab whenever she goes out in public.

Liverpool F.C. fans are proud to present a new chant in honour of their English soccer team. A new chant was created in memory of Mohamed Salah, the star winger for Liverpool F.C.

Fans had travelled to Portugal for the Champions League match against F.C. Porto pumped his fists, and they hopped up and fell, holding pint glasses in their hands, to the tune “Good Enough.”

A 1996 Dodgy hit, Porto sang, “If he scores more (goals), then then I’ll also be Muslim.”

Salah celebrates goals on the pitch by dropping to his knees to pray (an Islamic prayer position) while Liverpool fans chant “If he scores more, then I’ll also be Muslim”.

Researchers from Stanford University claim that the Salah Effect is also having an effect beyond the stadium walls. They found a decrease in hate crimes in Liverpool since Salah joined the club in June 2017.

Double Standards:

Magi, despite all the fame, has been there for Mo through all Mo’s ups, downs, and, in return, Salah made certain to stand up and defend his wife, daughter and all women worldwide. He believes that women should be supported.

Mo stated that he believes women’s rights are the most important thing.

 “I believe there is something that needs to be done in the Middle East. I’m not saying that we treat women badly. We have the ability to do better, but that is not what I am referring to”

Salah stated that it is in our hands and our heads.

Salah’s GQ shoot prompted a discussion about modesty. After being named Man of the Year, Salah was criticized for wearing a shirtless cover photo in GQ magazine. This led to a debate on double standards regarding modesty norms related to gender.

The Egyptian footballer was accompanied by Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio who won the Fashion Icon award.

More on the Allegation:

GQ wrote that Mohamed Salah “balances the expectations of both a nation and one of the most famous football clubs in the world each time he steps onto a pitch.”

Fans have praised Salah as a symbol of humility and an ambassador for the West for Arabs or Muslims. However, the social media debate has brought to the forefront a much more serious issue that many Arab women have attempted to highlight.

Even in recent years, the Arab world has seen a lot of sexist attitudes towards gender-specific modesty, which can lead to deadly consequences for women, who are often the victims of so-called honour violence.


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