20 Nature Facts for the Curious Mind

20 Nature Facts for the Curious Mind

Nature in all its ramifications can be mind-bogglingly complex and fascinating at the same time. Whether it’s the solemnity of the Grand Canyon, the potency of a hurricane or the knotty beauty of a colourful butterfly, the world around us really is beyond belief.

RankingFact believes the craziest thing about nature is perhaps the fact that there is always new information to learn and new sights to see. For this reason, we’ve decided to create this category to provide you with mind-blowing facts about natural wonders.

To whet your appetite, here are 10 of our favourite nature mind-blowing facts;

  1. Acacia trees have the ability to warn each other of danger. Their unique defence system is activated when animals start gobbling around its leaves. A particular tree being affected emits a cloud of ethylene gas which travels via the air to warn other trees. Upon alerts, all trees produce Tannin which is toxic to animals.
  2. Owls don’t have eyeballs but have what is best described as eye tubes. Their super eyes can move 270 degrees unlike humans (180 degrees)
  3. In space, metal holds the ability to weld on its own. However, on Earth, you need heat to fuse metal.
  4. Baby giraffes use their butts as pillows which aids sleep. On the other hand, adult giraffes can only sleep standing up.
  5. Unlike flooding, tornadoes and hurricane, heat is the deadliest weather condition ever known to mankind. It causes more deaths a year.
  6. Hard to believe, but it’s true that Cows kill more people than sharks.
  7. According to researchers from the Queen Mary University of London, Goats are able to pick up accents from one another. They don’t have their own language.
  8. Apparently, democracy isn’t limited to only humans. African buffalo herds are known to make decisions by voting.
  9. Thanks to their ability to trap troublesome insects, Bats saves the world billions of dollars a year.
  10. More male giraffes are gay than straight, hence homosexual activities are more common with them.
  11. The average human grows nearly 600 miles of hair in their lifetime.
  12. As a planet, Saturn has the potential of floating on water.
  13. There are more than 200 viruses that can result in the symptoms of what we refer to the as common cold.
  14. Caffeine, which is found in kola nuts, tea leaves and coffee beans is a natural pesticide. It has the ability to overloads the nervous systems of insects that try to eat the plants. It paralyzes and even kills them before they can do much damage.
  15. The largest and strongest bone in the human body (Femur) is stronger than concrete.
  16. When temperature and pressure fluctuate, liquids could boil and freeze at the same time.
  17. It’s time that the world get to know the truth. While you probably think a camel’s humps were beverage coolers, it is actually made up of fat, not water.
  18. Greenland sharks, the longest-living vertebrate animal on the planet is the Greenland shark don’t reach puberty until they become 150 years old.
  19. According to the University of Zurich, the female dragonflies play dead to avoid sex.
  20. A male octopus, sometimes gets eager and attempts to mate with a female more often. While mating, the female strangles and takes him back to her den to feed for days. I guess we were not expecting that ending!