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General Net Worth Facts for the Curious Mind

In this sub-category, RankingFact delves into exploring snapshots of the financial situation of notables. Simply put, our category explains Net Worth Facts, and we view it as a financial report card that allows one to evaluate the financial health of celebrities. Before showcasing our articles, let’s get to see ten Net Worth truths.

  1. As at February 2020, the world had a record of 2,150 billionaires who are worth a combined $10 trillion. Did you know?… this is still under half of the total GDP of the United States — the wealthiest country to exist in human history.
  2. Among the 2,150 billionaires, there is one, a Russian who goes by the name God. He is a political friend of Vladimir Putin. God Nisanov is a Billionaire property developer who received the award of ‘order of friendship’ from the Russian President for his contribution which has boosted the country’s economy.
  3. Billionaire God Nisanov speaks a total of six languages. This is about 6,903 languages short of an African deity.
  4. According to Oxfam’s “Time to Care” report, the 2,150 billionaires we have in the world possess more wealth than the poorest 4.6 billion people in the world.
  5. Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index puts it that Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, is the only only one among the world’s five wealthiest people who haven’t lost money in 2020.
  6. Jeff Bezos’ net worth is greater than the GDP of countries- Iceland, Cyprus and Luxembourg — all combined. Iceland’s GDP is $25.8 billion, Cyprus’s is about $24.9 billion, and Luxembourg’s is $70 billion — a total of about $120 billion.
  7. As Social Security Administration puts it, the average US citizen with a bachelor’s degree will earn around $2.2 million in their lifetime. Did you know?… As at 2020, Jeff Bezos makes that money in just under 15 minutes.
  8. As of April 2020, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, makes approximately $2,489 per second. This is more than twice what the median US worker receives in a week.
  9. As at April 2020, Bezos was deemed so rich that an average American spending $1 is similar to Bezos spending about $1.3 million.
  10. Bezos is about 36% richer than the entire British monarchy. Against people believe, he retained his ranking as the world’s richest person even after divorcing his wife, MacKenzie Bezos in 2019. Did you know?… she kept a 4% stake in Amazon worth roughly $35.7 billion. This made MacKenzie Bezos the fourth-richest woman in the world.

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