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2022 NFL Streaming – 10 Best Websites to Watch NFL (Paid Subscription)

In our 2022 NFL paid streaming service research, we’ve ranked the 10 best websites to watch American Football (via subscription).
For starters, I know most of the NFL global fans are possibly busy people who don’t have time to watch the match on their TV screen. And some might be stuck in traffic when the Live game is about to kick off. Also, some may have access to TV stations to watch the NFL.
Whatever the situation, we have researched and recommended good websites to stream NFL games with a paid subscription fee. Either by mobile phone or PC at your very comfort and time. With these websites, you will not miss any live matches again.
Please review this post; I promise you won’t regret it because we have handpicked trustworthy websites to watch NFL games. Also, you won’t miss the playoffs again, exciting events or your best team playing. Without further delay, let’s begin.

10 Top Best Paid Streaming Websites to Watch NFL 2022

1. Hulu + Live TV:

This website features five other channels you may need to watch NFL games. These channels include FOX, CBS, NBC, NFL Network, and ESPN. However, Hulu + Live TV plans include all the stations for both local and national NFL broadcasts.

Hulu websites allow users to stream on their tablets, phones, laptops, and TVs. Also, you can watch on two different screens at the same time. The website also supports six user accounts. You can start at $69.99 per month.

2. YouTube TV:

For NFL broadcast, YouTube TV offers the NFL network, which is suitable for all die-hard global fans. They included FOX, CBS, and NBS in its lineup. This TV is one of the few services that stream live channels on 1080p. Also, it supports about six user accounts.

YouTube TV gives its users unlimited cloud DVR storage that keeps recording for up to 9 months. However, you can stream from a different number of devices on your home network. Also, the DVR recordings can be accessed by users offline. The subscription costs $39.99 per month.

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3. Amazon Prime Video:

For starters, Amazon Prime video gives a 30-day trial of ad-free streaming on Amazon and will also hold the exclusive right to Thursday night NFL games this 2022. You can stream content on three different devices simultaneously, and the subscription is $8.99 per month.

Interestingly, Amazon Prime works on mobile platforms (iOS and Android), web, media streaming devices (Apple TV 4K, Roku, Chromecast), game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox), and smart TVs. However, it is an excellent choice for you for streaming live NFL.

4. FuboTV:

Fubo TV is indeed one of the excellent choices when you want to select any streaming site. Because all of Fubo TV’s plans allow users to record up to 250 hours of DVR content, it keeps it forever. Also, all Fubo plans will enable you to stream on three screens simultaneously.

However, this TV lets you watch select sports programs 72 hours after they aired. It also has a start-over, and the work is to enable you to restart certain live events from the beginning. It is also accessible on the web or via dedicated Android, iOS, and Apple TV apps.

Finally, Fubo TV streams its on-demand content in at least 1080p. Also, you can increase the number of devices you can use to connect to FBO TV at home by paying for the Unlimited Screens add-on ($9.99 per month) to add ten widgets. The subscription fee is $64.99 per month.

5. Peacock:

Peacock has different subscription plans, including Peacock’s Premium, Premium Plus plans, Premium Plus tier, etc. However, if you subscribe to Peacock premium or premium plus plan, you can watch every Sunday night game this season and the Super Bowl.

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More so, Peacock has streaming right to other sports like PGA Tour golf and WWE content asides from the NFL. Meanwhile, with the Premium Plus tier subscription of $9.99 per month. Also, pay $4.99 monthly to download titles for offline viewing on mobile platforms.

6. NFL Sunday Ticket:

NFL Sunday Ticket has customizable closed captions and innovative playback modes, enabling you to watch multiple games simultaneously. However, the non-cable version of the service is only available to selected customers, and you can kindly check your eligibility on the site.

In addition, users can download the NFL Sunday Ticket app on mobile platforms, media streaming devices, smart TVs, etc. Also, you can stream different games on the same machine without experiencing performance issues. Pay a fee of $73.49 per month.

7. Sling TV:

This website has different sports coverage plans, which are Orange and Blue. The Orange play shows the ESPN channel while the Blue plan displays NFL Network and NBC. Each of these plans costs $35 per month.

However, you will pay for the combined Orange + Blue package to get complete NFL coverage, which costs $50 per month. Also, Sling TV allows users to stream on their mobile phone, streaming device, and the web. Users outside America need a VPN to access Sling TV.

8. ESPN+:

This website has a higher streaming resolution of about 1080/60fps. Also, ESPN+ gives a more detailed picture with a higher refresh rate that helps smooth out fast action. However, ESPN+ does not offer any DVR storage, but it supports up to three simultaneous streams per account.

ESPN+ website is on the web, but you need to download a dedicated app on mobile platforms (Android and iOS), media streaming devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.), and gaming consoles (PS 4 and 5; Xbox One, etc.). It costs $6.99 per month.

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9. DirecTV Stream:

If you are a devoted fan of the NFL, consider using the streaming site because of its unique options. Interestingly, DirecTV Stream offers about 20 hours of DVR storage. However, the website keeps records for up to 90 days and has a Look back and Rewinds feature.

However, these capabilities allow users to watch previously aired content for about 72hours in the past. Also, it restarts live streams from the beginning of the broadcast. Note that these exciting features are only available for selected programs and channels.

Finally, DirecTV Stream allows 20 simultaneous streams per account at the home network and up to three outside the home. The website service is available on media streaming devices, web, and mobile platforms, but not for gaming consoles. It starts at $69.99 per month.

10. NFL Game Pass:

NFL Game Pass offers NFL fans access to replays of every NFL game, like playoff matchups and the Super Bowl. These occur every season regardless of the user’s location. However, the outstanding features give this website the upper hand because no other service offers that capability.

However, you can watch NFL Game pass on the web, mobile platforms (NFL app for Android and iOS), media streaming devices (Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.), and up to the latest generation of game consoles (Xbox and PlayStation). It costs $99.99 per season with a 7-day free trial.


These websites are exceptional sites for streaming NFL games, with great features and outstanding performances. Also, they are all friendly websites you can try. I sincerely advise you to use VPNs to bypass these restrictions and enjoy the beautiful game broadcast.

I hope this article is beneficial to your search. We will also drop links where you can stream other exciting sports.


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