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10 Travel and Tour Facts for the Curious Mind

For like minds, Traveling or Tours could be many things- scary, profound, educational, and most times, life-changing etc. At RankingFact, we equip your mind with curious Travel and Tour facts. Before getting started, let’s reveal ten truths.

  1. The term “Far Sickness” means the intense urge to travel. Germans call it “Fernweh”.
  2. The United States is the only advance country in the world without a single pay vacation day or holiday.
  3. There’s a high chance you may come across more than one lake when you visit Canada. It’s because the country has around three million lakes- which is 60% of the earth’s total.
  4. The total length of the earth’s coastline is around 350,016km- the same distance as the earth to the moon.
  5. Introvert personalities more often prefer mountainous locations for holidays. On the other hand, extroverts do like the beach.
  6. During regular flights, the temperature outside a plane could be as low as -60ºF. It is colder than almost anywhere on the planet, at any given moment of the year.
  7. The Republic of Kiribati, an independent country in the central Pacific Ocean, is the only country on the planet to fall into all four hemispheres. The country’s islands extend into the northern and southern hemisphere, as well as the eastern and western.
  8. Aeroplane pilots and their assistant respects the code of eating different foods in order not to upset their stomachs at the same time during flights.
  9. Visiting Australia is best if you ever need some beach time. The country has over 10,000 beaches; hence it is possible to see a new beach every day for the next 27 years.
  10. Monaco City has just 975 people (2008), and it is smaller than Central Park in New York City.

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