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10 TV Series Facts for the Curious Mind

TV Series can motivate and inspire us. While you watch with family and friends, our mission is to gather General TV Series Facts, which would be of interest to you.

This category keeps you informed about TV Series from a global standpoint. Before getting started, let’s reveal to you 10 TV Shows Facts.

  1. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) of the Game of Thrones is a very strict vegetarian. Every time you see him eating meat on the TV Show, he’s actually eating tofu, also known as bean curd.
  2. The Simpsons hold the record as one of the longest-running scripted television series in history. It has over 654 episodes so far and began in the year 1989.
  3. The first TV Show was “The Queen’s Messenger.” This was a 40-minute show which started airing on the 11th of September 1928 by General Electric’s station “WGY Television”.
  4. In the ’70s, Bruce Lee tried to create an American TV show. Sadly, it didn’t work out as Warner Brothers stole the idea and created “Kung Fu”. 50 years later, the daughter of Bruce Lee took her dad’s idea and created “The Warrior” for Cinemax.
  5. Netflix is the 9th Largest Internet Company (2020 Wikipedia stats). The media services provider spent roughly $12 billion developing TV shows and movies in 2018, a figure that rose to $15 billion in 2019.
  6. For decades, TV producers were often hesitant to kill off their main characters. Drama/comedy show M*A*S*H, aired during the Korean War, broke the barrier. In that TV Series, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake’s plane got shot down.
  7. In Japan, there is a popular TV show which goes by the name “My First Errand”. There, little kids get sent to do minor tasks for the family. They did that on their own, while a camera crew secretly follows them.
  8. In other to make their reactions as real as possible, most of the Games of Thrones cast were not allowed not to read the Game of Thrones books.
  9. The pilot episode of LOST (season one) was so expensive as it cost approximately $14 million. This high cost got the network president fired for green-lighting it.
  10. Finally on our General TV Series Facts is a look at the person who died first in a TV Series. Phil Harris in the TV Series Deadliest Catch was the first person to die on a reality TV show. The American comedian suffered a stroke on his crab-fishing boat while he was filming.

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