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2022 FREE MLB live stream – 17 Free Websites to Watch Baseball Online

Here, we rank Free websites where you can stream Baseball (MLB) online for free. We made good research on this, with links and relevant screenshots. At all times, Baseball fans have always yearned to stream their favorite sport on their desktop or mobile device.

The listed sites will deliver a free MLB live stream service. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

17 Best Websites Watch Baseball Online (Free)

1. MLB66 MLB Streams (Website = MLB66)

MLB66 is one of the best websites to watch baseball games Free Online. So far, we rank them number 1 because they serve No ads for free registered users. MLB66 supports android mobile phones, iPhones, iOS, laptops, tablets, and Chromecast. The website is rich with Game Replays and it is SSL Secure.

2. SportRAR.TV (Website = Sportrar.TV):

For starters, Sportrar.TV is among the free sports streaming site that collect live stream sports live videos from different sources. They provide the videos in an easy navigation interface. The site also showcases significant sports like baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, basketball, football, etc.

You might notice that a new window launches with the game video when you click on the game you want to watch. If the video content does not display, click on the link that says More links from the match. It will take you to other additional video sources.

Evidently, most videos on this platform always come with pop-up ads, and these ads may appear even with an ad blocker installed on your device. Also, the website has a well-organized interface and is easy to navigate. It contains extra information about past games.

3. Sportsurge (Website = Sportsurge):

Sportsurge site is one of the go-to platforms for the free live streaming community. The links on this website are all external links, and the streaming community also vetted the links and rated them, making them exceptionally reliable compared to other external links.

In addition, the website provides essential information on each stream, like the number of ads to encounter, the frame rate of the video content, etc. However, this information is used primarily for malicious streams and unlawful actions. They arrange excellent information on the website.

Finally, be careful when using the Sportsurge website because many websites pretend to be Sportsurge, and these websites are for ad sellers and don’t provide a live sports stream. However, use the links provided in the article as it is safe and tested.

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4. Cricfree (Website = Cricfree):

Cricfree’s website specializes in streaming cricket sports, and you can also watch other sports like baseball, soccer, motorsports, tennis and many more. Notably, this website provides videos that are hosted elsewhere, be watchful for misleading pop-up ads and links.

This website has an organized and easy interface to stream different sports. Interestingly, apart from the web version of streaming, you can also use Android or iOS apps to stream your favorite baseball sports. Beware of restrictions and pop-up ads.

5. Stream2Watch (Website = Stream2Watch):

This website streams live sports by gathering streams from other websites. Stream2Watch is a partially comprehensive site. However, the possibility of watching a good match or game is high. Also, it features baseball, volleyball, soccer, NBA, golf, cricket, and others.

Like many other free streaming sites that gather streams from an external link, running into intrusive pop-up ads on stream2watch is inevitable. You can prevent the ads by installing a good add blocker. Also, close each ad as soon as you notice it on your page.

6. VIPRow Sports (Website = VIPRow):

This website is another popular website among sports fans, especially baseball lovers. Presently, VIPRow Sports offers a variety of sports options, and the most popular among them are baseball, football, wrestling, rugby, golf, and racing.

The only disturbing thing about this website is the intrusive ad pop-ups. Besides, there are far too many ads on the VIPRow site, almost ruining the streaming experiences. As a result, we recommend using an ad-blocker while browsing through this free streaming site.

7. Pluto TV (Website = Pluto Tv):

The number of users that visit Pluto Tv monthly makes it one of the most popular free websites. About 900,000 users visit this website monthly. The only downtime of this site is the pop-up ads. But if it is something you can manage, this website has no reason not to be on your list.

Also, Pluto TV is a well-known website that streams live games and displays their highlights. Another interesting fact about this website is its diversity, and you can likewise watch movies, live channels, and TV shows on Pluto TV.

8. JokerLiveStream (Website = JokerLiveStreams):

One of the unique features of this website is the fact that it has a chat box option. However, the site users use this feature by constantly interacting with fellow baseball fans for updates on matches and fun.

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JokerLiveStreams is one of the reliable free sports streaming services available out there. Also, it shows a vast collection of sports to serve its purpose as a stream sports site, which includes baseball, soccer, NBA, football, tennis, rugby, golf, ice hockey, racing, E-sport, etc.

9. First Row Sports (Website = First Row Sports):

First Row Sports is another free popular website to watch baseball. More than a million people patronize this site monthly to stream their favorite teams in action. Also, they offer different sports categories like baseball, football, cricket, wrestling, snooker, etc.

First Row Sports generates money with ads to show that it is a free resource. So, be sure excess ads will disturb you once you’re on the site. However, you can easily overcome the hurdles by downloading an ad-blocker.

10. Bosscast (Website = Bosscast):

This is an easy-to-use free sports website with a fantastic interface. Also, Bosscast offers several sports varieties. The platform shows the latest and old baseball games on the site, which is rare on many streaming websites.

One downside the website has is tiresome pop-ups that users can not control during live matches. However, you can reduce the rate at which the pop-up appears by using an ad-blocker. From our overall observation, Bosscast is a good website

11. Watch ESPN (Website = Watch ESPN):

It will interest you to know that Watch ESPN is an entirely free streaming platform. This website allows you to watch baseball, basketball, and many other sports without paying a dime. However, ESPN broadcasts content.

You can upgrade to the ESPN+ premium site to get access to more matches. However, you may sometimes be required to subscribe to access some content. Also, it includes news, replays, and interviews.

12. Reddit App (Website = RedditMLBStreams):

To stream or watch free baseball game via Reddit, you need to first download the Reddit app. After doing that, search for MLBStreams and join. After joining, you will be able to get reputable links to watch MLB games free. Whenever MLB games are played, you will see this multiple links. Click on it and it will direct you to watch free baseball games.

Sometimes after clicking the link, it will prompt you to another window. Please ignore those extra windows and go back to the original page and you will find your free MLB game streaming live. This game is free with no restrictions or blackouts and you can watch this with your mobile casted to your TV.

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13. Sportsurge (Website Link = Sportsurge)

Sportsurge helps Baseball fans from around the world watch their favorite games for free. They claim to be the first mobile sports streaming app. Sportsurge helps fans in over 150 countries to stream MLB online for free.

14. Reddit MLB Streams (Website = RedditMLBSTREAMS)

This website delivers Free streaming of Baseball (MLB), with a huge fanbase from Reddit.  MLB Streams allow users to watch their favorite MLB games online with community-provided streams.

15. DofuStream (Website = DofuSports)

This website allows users to watch Watch Baseball games (MLB) online for Free. To get the best experience, it is advisable to use your DofuSports on your laptop and then cast it to TV.

16. MLB YouTube (Website = YouTube MLB Channel)

Not many baseball fans know there is MLB live stream on YouTube. The truth is, MLB YouTube channel delivers one free MLB online streaming game per week. More so, YouTube is accessible to loads of countries around the world and compatible with pretty much any internet-connected device.

17. MLB Facebook (Website = Facebook MLB Channel)

Facebook broadcast some live MLB games. To watch their free MLB games, you will need to like and follow the MLB page on Facebook. When they have a free MBL game, you will get a notification that you can watch live. Although Facebook and YouTube do not have free streaming of all MLB games.


RankingFact has served you its 2022 FREE MLB live stream article. We hope you were able to make your choice among the 5 Best Websites Watch Baseball Online Free.

We have many choices when choosing a free streaming website to watch baseball sports. In this article, we have made the job easier for you by providing the few ones we feel are better options for you. Just search through and watch your favorite teams in action.

We hope you’ll find good streaming sports websites on our list. Also, we can not guarantee that all the listed websites are safe. We kindly recommend using a VPN before streaming the contents online, which will protect your ISP from website hackers and operators.

If you don’t want to watch free baseball games, you can decide to be a subscriber to a paid 2022 MLB live Streaming Service. Kindly stay tuned for more Sports articles. Our content on Watch MotoGP for Free would interest you.


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