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9 Best Websites to watch Formula 1 for Free

Finding out the best website to watch F1 online for free can be tricky for a complete novice. Luckily, we are here to show you free websites to watch Formula 1 online.

For the fans who can’t view races in person because of some hindrances, the only alternative is to stream them online. However, we have prepared a list of free websites for fans of F1 around the world without further delays. Let us begin.

Best Websites to watch Formula 1 For Free

We have listed the free website to use when streaming Formula one sport. Note that most of these websites require a VPN because of geographic restrictions enforced by streaming services. Here we gave information about the websites and their features.

1. Sky Sports F1 (Website = SkySportsF1)

An excellent website for watching Formula 1 races online is Sky Sports. Why? Because they provide high-definition streaming services. Also, the website offers its contents in English and other languages commentaries. It has the exclusive right to broadcast F1 in the UK and Ireland.

Sky Sports F1 allows users to watch races after they have aired on demand. However, Sky Sports is available only in the UK. the website features some of the most popular sports like football, baseball, and cricket.

2. BBC Sport (Website = BBCSportsF1)

The BBC sport and formula one has been pals for a long time. More so, the website provides high-quality streaming of every race and offers commentary in English and other languages. However, users can watch races with multiple screens at once.

BBC Sport allows the only UK and nearby regions users to watch live games. If you are outside these regions, you need to use VPN to access the exciting content of F1 and other games on BBC sports.

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3. RTBF (Website = RTBF Sports)

RTBF is a free website that provides different sports, like Formula 1. The stream’s quality is unmethodical, but it’s worth trying since it is a free alternative. RTBF is available in specific regions, like Portugal; users outside Portugal can’t access it.

However, in a situation you are not available or living in the right region. Download and install a VPN service on your device to stream games on RTBF.

4. ServusTV and ORF (ServusTV and ORF)

This free streaming service is available in both Germany and Austria, respectively. More so, ServusTV and ORF offer all Formula 1 races on weekends. However, the known limitation of these streaming services is that users outside the mentioned location can not access them.

Gladly, this is where a VPN comes in. VPN aids users in streaming from anywhere worldwide to watch F1 on ServusTV and ORF.

5. ESPN F1 (Website = ESPNF1)

ESPN is another online streaming service that allows you to view Formula One races. Also, they allow users to view other live sports events. More so, the stream is of good quality, attracting many viewers. ESPN also provides an English commentary for its users.

This website is one of the biggest names in cable sports. Also, the official WatchESPN website features a lot of live streaming videos. On ESPN’s official site, these videos include major sports, including football, basketball, baseball, cricket, and NBA and college sports.

ESPN displays other big games ranging from football to cricket and baseball. However, when you are in a location that does not allow you to access ESPN, we advise you to consider using a VPN service on your device.

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6. C8 on Canal Plus (Website = CanalPlus)

Canal plus is a French website that displays F1 games and has a well-organized and exceptional streaming experience. Moreso, C8 is a Canal Plus channel where one can watch Formula One games for free with a VPN, and they also stream other sports.

7. Formula 1 Official YouTube Channel (Website = YoutubeF1)

F1 is also on YouTube. It might not surprise you because there is almost nothing one can’t find on YouTube recently. Also, you can view F1 free on YouTube; it does not need a VPN for accessibility. However, it includes only news and a highlight reel.

8. ABC Live Stream (Website = ABC Live Stream)

ABC live is accessible to US people, including F1 races. However, if you are not in the US, there is still hope of streaming ABC live. With a VPN connection to a US-based server, you will have access like those in the US.

9. Reddit (Website = RedditF1)

Reddit streaming platform is a website where you can watch many professional sports, including Formula 1, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey. However, this website does not host sports streams, but you will see a community that does that.

The community is called subreddit communities. Also, this community is known for finding and curating links to live streams of every popular sport. This platform is among the best places to look for unofficial streams online if you can’t find live streams from any official source.

Reddit’s website allows the registered members to contribute to the site with content. These include images, text, videos, and links to popular sports. However, members are involved in voting for content on the site, and they either vote it up or down, making the website safe for streamers.

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Formula One (generally known as F1 or Formula 1) is a popular sport that attracts many fans worldwide. Also, Formula 1 is the worldwide gold standard of racing sport. However, we have noticed that few fans of F1 know the right free website to use while streaming.

Watching F1 races online usually requires paying for a premium channel. However, we have listed many free alternatives to watching F1 online. The option is that you need to use a VPN, and that will cost a small fraction of what premium sports channels charge.


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