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Watch NBA Online Free – 11 Best Websites (2022 Updates)

Do you want to stream NBA live matches online without paying? Try these free NBA websites to watch live Basketball matches. Well ranked, these websites have features that might interest you.

The idea of watching NBA matches online, which requires only data, is one of the exciting things about the internet. NBA game is one match people enjoy watching because of its uniqueness and popularity. Also, it involves plenty of teamwork, passion, and sacrifice.

However, watching NBA live usually looks uninteresting to most viewers when they don’t know the best streaming sites to use. People seem not to have time anymore to sit and watch live sports telecasts on TV with the existence of phones and computers.

The good part about these streaming sites is that users can use them to watch highlights of the previous matches streamed. We have tested many NBA streaming free sites listed on this page.

Top Best Streaming Websites to Watch NBA Online Free: 

1. VIPBox TV (Website = VIPBox):

VIPBox is one of the free online NBA streaming online websites that offer live streaming for many sporting events. It provides various sports to watch, including American baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and many other sports.

This Website is user-friendly and allows users to find the sport they want to watch quickly. Besides, VIPBox TV has an extensive collection of archived sporting events, information, and FAQ available for on-demand viewing.

2. Watch ESPN (Website = Watch ESPN):

Watch ESPN is one of the best free NBA streaming sites online. It allows you to free-watch many sports in live streaming on the web. Watch ESPN streams, replay, and check upcoming NBA matches.

It allows you to stream on your mobile game systems with a high-quality display. The superb, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to get the latest NBA events and news, and it is easy to catch NBA actions.

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3. Stream2Watch (Website = Sream2Watch): 

Another popular site to watch NBA free streaming is Sream2Watch. It streams multiple sports, including UFU, golf, crickets, etc. They timely upload links for the live NBA matches so that you won’t miss them.

Another Great thing about Stream2Watch is that it provides free TV channel links to NBA TV, ESPN, TNT, and many other big Channels for its users to access. Stream2watch Interface is easy to navigate despite having a dark background.

4. SportSurge (Website = SportSurge):

For starters, the SportSurge website has about 1.3 million visitors every month. This sports streaming site contains categories like NBA Matches, hockey, Motor Sports, boxing, Pro Football, and others.

Although you may encounter ads during live streams, one of the best parts about the SportSurge Website is that you will see minimal ads when navigating the primary interface. The alternative URL to the SportSurge Website is (SportSurge. Live)

5. StreamSports.me (Website = StreamSport.me):

If you want to live stream the 2021-2022 NBA playoffs on Android, iPhone, or iPad, visit StreamSport.me. This Website offers 14 sports streaming options, covering NBA, cricket, cycling, etc.

Another exciting factor is that the Stream2Sport website is a safe site. To start with, it does not have any registration forms for accessing streamed sports. Also, users do not need to sign-up to use all the site’s features.

6. LiveTV (Website = LiveTV):

LiveTV is a web portal for free live sports. This Website offers live streams on different sports categories. More so, you can stream the latest NBA games for free or any form of sport you want to stream.

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You can also catch up with highlights, replays, and post-match events, and you don’t need to pay or have an account on the Website. However, it has a sign-up, but it’s not mandatory even if you want to stream free from it.

7. Redstream. Online (Website = Redstream):

This Website is easy to navigate. Also, you can stream the latest NBA sports for free on your Mobile or laptop. Redstream enables you to stream live all your favorite sports. The links on the Website directly take you to the right place instead of redirecting you to other websites.

8. Facebook Watch (Website = Facebook Watch):

Facebook Watch allows users to watch NBA live for free while using other social media features. It is another platform where you can stream NBA sports live in the comfort of your home and access different sports here and watch them live.

9. Fox Sports (Website = Fox Sports):

Fox Sports is one of the well-known sports channels with free streaming sites. It has existed for a while. Moreso, it shows not only live matches and also the platform display scores of essential games around the world.

Likewise, users can watch one game while keeping track of other games that are played at the same time.

10. BossCast.net (Website = BossCast):

This streaming service is another good NBA streaming site you cannot miss. Interestingly, it offers various channels, including NBA TV and Fox Sports. The Time zone is available to be changed according to your needs.

However, they display the latest sports events at the centre of the website homepage. Interestingly, BossCast.net makes a provision of a chatting platform. Users chat with others about their opinions on NBA players, matches, etc. It is easy to navigate but has pop-ups and ads.

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11.  Ustream Live TV (Website = Ustream Live TV):

Ustream Live TV is a popular source of all your live NBA games, and the Website offers over 180 channels to watch your favorite sports. There is one setback for fans outside India; they need a VPN to access the Website because it is not available for users in India.

However, fans from the western part of the world can access it without using a VPN. The most popular channels you can watch on Ustream Live TV are NBA TV, ESPN USA, Sky Sports, Eurosports, BT Sport, etc.

Finally, you will encounter a good number of ads that pop up on the interface of this streaming service. Regardless, it is a superb source for watching free NBA games.


The websites listed here are legal and will never give you any problems, as we know that it’s challenging to search for NBA live online streaming sites that are not illegal.

 However, many unlawful websites have flooded the internet recently, so we have compiled the list of the best NBA streaming sites for you. Also, you don’t need to pay or subscribe before you can stream live sports on these websites because they are entirely free. 

Finally, most websites have app versions that enable users to access them on their mobile devices by downloading those apps. We will regularly update this list and remove the faulty ones in time so you can rely on this page.


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