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2022 NBA live Streaming Service – 8 Websites to Watch Basketball Online

Do you want to stream NBA live on a paid website? Then we have ranked paid basketball live streaming sites. Are you ready for the NBA season? Are you looking for good streaming sites to use? If you are, then look no further.

This piece will show you some of the best streaming sites to watch live basketball. We’ll also summarize each area, so you know what they offer before deciding which is okay for you.

Below are the best-paid websites to stream Live NBA sports online. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. NBA League Pass (Website = NBA League Pass):

This website is for passionate basketball lovers. NBA league pass allows people to stream games on their smartphone, tablet, or any other device connected to the NBA App. However, if you had missed the live game, the website has made provision for game replays.

This streaming service helps you stay informed with game analysis and trade breakdowns. The website is not free. And an annual subscription costs 200 dollars, and a monthly one costs 29 dollars.

The money paid for a subscription is worth spending because you will have an amazing experience while streaming. League pass will give you access to watch up to four games in HD as you subscribe. However, you can also access archived games and download games to view offline.

2. Fubo TV (Website = FuboTV):

For starters, the Fubo TV streaming service is an all-purpose streaming service. It shows different live games, including NBA games. The site is not free to stream live sports. You will pay a monthly subscription fee of 55 dollars to stream NBA games.

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3. Sling Tv (Website = SlingTV):

Another way to enjoy live streams of your favorite NBA game is by using Sling TV. You can not stream free on this TV. However, the number of channels it offers at a subscription rate is decent. It has different colors to distinguish the subscription.

They set the orange and blue subscription rate at$35 per month for each. Moreover, the combo package is $50 per month. Note that Sling TV only works for users in the US. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the TV using VPN.

4. Direct TV (Website = DirectTV):

To begin with, Direct TV is one of the best websites to stream NBA live. The website does not guarantee Free access; pay a subscription fee to gain access.

To stream or watch NBA sports on this site, you will pay a considerable amount. But, every money spent on the website is worth it because of the beautiful experience you will have. Also, it has an excellent interface, and the website is easy to navigate.

5. AT&T TV (Website = AT&T TV):

This site allows you to stream sports channels immediately after receiving selected packages. The Packages will let you stream channels like NBA league, ESPN, and many more.

The website has the Max plan and the other six plans. You are ready if you have the Max plan, which costs $80 per month. But you can also go for the other six programs that AT&T TV has.

Aside from enjoying uninterrupted basketball streaming, AT&T TV allows you to playback live games you missed. It also restarts future games when you run late and want to watch from the beginning.

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6. Hulu + Live TV (Website = Hulu LiveTV):

Hulu + Live TV is another pay-to-watch platform that gives you access to all regular-season and playoff NBA games from the main NBA broadcast outlets. These include ABC and regional sports networks through NBC.

However, there is one drawback: Hulu does not include NBA TV, which is league-owned and the only channel to cover the NBA around-the-clock. You’ll need the Hulu + Live TV package to access the NBA on Hulu at $64.99 per month.

7. NBC Sports (Website = NBC Sports):

NBC Sports is the best website for fans of different leagues, such as the NBA and NHL. The site enables not only people to stream sports live, but it also offers them content relating to golf, skating, and soccer.

However, NBC Sport allows you to stream live games without extra charges. It is possible if you still have an active subscription to Fox sport. Also, download the NBC Sports apps on your Fire TV for free. You will not need to provide cable provide login credentials.

8. Sportlemons.net (Website = SportLemons):

To begin with, this streaming platform is one of the best websites out there to watch NBA sports. The SportLemons interface is very easy to access, and you can quickly locate what you what with the help of the display menu.

Also, this site has a friendly interface, and the video quality gives viewers a remarkable moment. This website shows other live sports aside from basketball.

The exciting thing about this website is that they do not accept unnecessary content. In addition, Sportlemons.net does not show sports when it’s not time.

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These are the best websites if you’re looking for websites to stream NBA Sports. These websites are entirely efficient, and I hope it helps. Also, they are free of unnecessary adverts and have a friendly interface. You will have the best when using these websites.


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