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2022 NFL Streaming – 10 Best Websites to Watch NFL for Free

Here in this 2022 NFL streaming article, we’ve ranked the 10 websites to watch NFL for Free. National Football League (NFL) is very famous among Americans, but it has crazy fans around the globe who love to watch all of its games. Also, we consider the NFL to be one of the most dominating professional football leagues, with 32 teams in America.

We have noticed that many streams are only available to viewers from the U.S. But if you’re connecting from abroad; you need a VPN to bypass the geographic content restrictions. However, we recommend you use VPN that has fast USA-based servers.

In this article, we will share the top best websites to watch NFL ahead of the NFL season for 2022-2023 games. Interestingly, we’ve put together a rundown of the best HD quality and reliable free NFL streams you’ll need to make this season’s game unforgettable.

10 Top Best Free NFL Streaming Sites for 2022

Immediately you are ready to stream NFL games this year, go through the list of these free streaming sites we have provided.

1. USTVGO – (Website = USTVGO) :

USTVGO is among the best NFL free streaming sites with over 100 free channels. The high-Quality website allows NFL fans to live-stream all NFL matches on top-rated sports channels like ESPN, NFL Network, and much more.

However, USTVGO users don’t have to register on the site to stream live NFL matches for free. Also, the website does not irritate the users with pop-up ads, and the video quality is impressive. Finally, VPN could be mandatory on this website to stream a few sports channels.

2. NFL Game Pass (Website = NFL Game Pass): 

This website is an entirely reliable site for NFL free streaming. NFL Game Pass is the official media company of NFL Enterprises. Also, you can watch NFL games with high-quality videos in this place.

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However, we included this website as one of the best free websites to stream NFL because of its free trial of one year. Luckily, you don’t need to add your card or do any registration within the period of the free one-year trial.

Interestingly, with this website, you can wash NFL games on all the operating systems, including Windows, iOS, etc. Also, you can stream NFL life matches on your devices like PS4 and LG Smart TV, Apple TV, etc. you can visit NFL Game Pass here.

3. NFL WebCast (Website = NFL WebCast):

This website offers an entirely free NFL live streaming site with advanced video quality features. Also, it connects the users with the top best official streaming channels, including WatchESPN, Fox Sports, etc., where you don’t need to follow sign-up conditions.

NFL Webcast is entirely free and secure for NFL live Streaming. However, it is suitable for all smart TV, Mobile, and PC devices. You can watch all NFL playoffs, pre-season, and even super bowl matches in the HD stream. Follow this link to NFL WebCast.

4. Yahoo Sports App (Website = Yahoo Sports App):

This App is free, safe, and legal to use if you want to watch NFL matches on your mobile phone. The only requirement is to download the application on your mobile phone either from the Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Indeed, you can stream your NFL matches live on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Also, this application allows you to watch live NFL games free on your smart TV. They designed the Yahoo sport app to help you stay updated on sport-related news.

5. Fox Sports (Website = FOXSports):

This platform is another great website to watch live games. Fox Sports got you covered. All you have to do is connect your TV provider to the official site of Fox Sports , you will enjoy a free NFL live stream.

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Interestingly, Fox Sports offers a free NFL stream without geological restriction. Also, the users enjoy easy access to the website on any device. Finally, this website allows you to read news and predictions about upcoming NFL matches.

6. NFLbite (Website = NFLBite): 

Another streaming platform that provides NFL coverage for free is NFLbite. More so, the website users are allowed to watch any game and follow their favorite team for free. Undoubtedly, NFLbite gives you comprehensive NFL coverage with free access to news.

However, NFLbite gives its users a complete registration-free streaming site. Also, the site has the updated latest NFL matches and schedules of college football matches online. You can simply watch any NFL live on NFLbite.

7. Cricfree (Website = CricFree):

Cricfree is an NFL streaming site that also broadcasts other sports. This website is primarily streams of cricket games. However, as with free streaming sites, Cricfree also has ad problems, and you might encounter intrusive pop-up ads.

For a user to access NFL matches on this website, click on the American football icon, which will display any NFL games happening live. Since the website doesn’t host its content, it will redirect you to other sites with more pop-up ads.

However, you can unblock restricted content on Cricfree by connecting to a server that’s based in the United States using a VPN.

8. ITV.com (Website = ITV):

ITV.com covers many sports matches such as NFI, NBA, boxing, handball, and more. Interestingly, it is one of the top websites to watch NFL games that provide content in different languages. Also, you will get more lively updates if you register on this website.

This Website interface is easy to access and understand. Also, ITV.com has a channel of its own where it shows all the live matches, and we can also access it on Android and iOS. ITV.com also offers information about live games and their schedules.

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9. CBS Sports (Website = CBS Sports):

CBS website is a vast network that allows its users to see official broadcasts and enjoy high-quality streams. Also, the users can see sports-related information like sports schedules, live scores, results, highlights, and many more exciting sports trivia.

However, CBS Sports is not just a place to watch live NFL streams; it also offers news and videos related to sports events. You can easily download the CBS Sports app, where users can watch live sports and register or sign up to watch content on the website.

10. Live Score (Website = LiveScore):

Another great place to watch the NFL online is Live Score. This website is straightforward and hassle-free. To begin with, they initially built this website to provide live scores of sports events. However, it gained so much popularity that the creators added live sports streams.

Users of this website can watch other sports events like soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, etc. Live Score is also available for application versions for mobile devices. Likewise, the Live Score website is user-friendly, and they did the design according to the user’s convenience.


In summary, many Free NFL lives streaming websites are available on the internet, but the pages and apps mentioned above are among the best free streaming sites for the NFL. However, you can also stream other sports matches on the websites.

Most NFL streaming sites are not free. But, the ten websites listed above are free and may not even ask you to sign in. Finally, you can checkout on some of our related articles and kindly write your observation in the comment sections.


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