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2022 NHL Streaming – 10 Best Websites to Watch NHL for Free

In this 2022 NHL free streaming research, we’ve ranked the 10 best websites to watch Hockey for Free.

Are you an addicted fan of the NHL (National Hockey League) looking for good websites to wash NHL games? Just relax, get the best position and get your data ready because your long search has ended. We highly recommend VPN for geopolitical blocks and restrictions.

There are many streaming sites to watch NHL games online, but most require payment for the users to access them. However, many fans can not afford the high-demand subscription premium websites demands. So, they prefer to opt for free websites.

We have prepared a concise article to help you choose from the list of free best websites we researched. The listed website below will help you watch live games online for free. Also, they offer direct links to NHL live games and allow you to stream them in HD.

Top Best Websites To Stream NHL for Free

1. NHLBite:

This Website originated from Reddit NHL streams. It has a clean and organized interface. NHLBite is a platform that offers live streaming of all NHL games online. This website does not require registration or sign-in details, making it free to use.

NHLBite is a regular website that lets you stream ice Hockey Live on your smartphones, laptop, or PCs. By just opening the website in your favorite browser. Also, the website has nicely well-arranged game schedules, which is the best option to watch your favorite team play.

2. Live NHL Game Stream:

For starters, Live NHL game stream is another NHL streaming website and possibly one of the most used platforms to watch live games. Fans of the NHL always encounter colossal traffic on this site because it has many viewers who visit it daily.

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This website has a fantastic video quality that streams in HD. Also, viewers can stream live games with their smartphones and PCs. On the negative side, the Live NHL game stream shows tremendous ads, which users can control with an ad-blocker.

3. Livetv392:

This platform specializes in providing links to sports games and events. Livetv392 updates the match links on time so that fans do not miss any matches. However, this website also hosts links to watch NHL networks for free. Also, it has a primary interface.

Above all, it supports apps for Android and iPhone users. It provides HD video quality with great live streams. Also, it is a fantastic site for NHL games and creeks of other live sports. Finally, it does not have unwanted ads, and you will not have to subscribe.

4. NHL66:

The NHL66 is another live streaming service that lets you watch NHL games on your favorite devices. From your phone to your laptop to your desktop computer. However, there are several ways to stream NHL games with NHL66.

Just like other integrated streaming services, there are chances that some channels might go down. NHL66 offers outstanding support, including a dedicated YouTube channel with tutorials, reviews, and more. Interestingly, their tutorials even teach you how to remove ads on the streams.

It might interest you that NHL66 is one of the hardcore NHL streaming websites dedicated to the league alone. Also, there is a live chat for discussions among NHL fans during live games. It also has a ranking system based on the collection of games. Visit NHL66 here.

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5. BuffStreams.tv:

One of the free websites for users to stream several sports events, like NHL games, football, boxing, NBA, MLB, UFC golf, etc., is BuffStreams.tv. This website is also mobile-friendly and allows users to sign up with their TV provider to access sports content.

Buffstream allows users to watch ESPN’s High-Quality online stream directly from their desktop, mobiles, tablets, and smart tv. Also, this streaming site provides all events of ESPN every day. Also, they made the ESPN streams available online one hour before playtime.

6. SportsPlus.live:

Another best free website to watch NHL games is Sports Plus. This excellent website allows sports lovers to watch live sports for free, such as hockey, baseball, football, NBA, etc. Just open this website on your browser and enjoy most of your favorite sports


When talking about NHL games’ streaming sites that users can view online for free, NHLSTREAMS is one of them. This website does not request registration to let users watch any NHL game live.

They can access the available live games right on the homepage by clicking it. Besides the live NHL streams, users can watch various sporting events, including NBA, US soccer, tennis, basketball, and many others. This website is not secure, so it requires a VPN.

8. NHL Webcast:

One of the Nhl Webcast website’s great features is that NHL channels broadcast 1080p live streams for free. Also, they provide multiple links for watching streams so that you won’t miss any live games. However, they provide completely free NHL streams.

This website allows you to watch NHL games on your smart devices with the same quality obtainable on ESPN+. Also, the website gives users access to other live channels like CBC, NBC, TSN, NHL Network, and other local TV stations. Importantly, you do not need a subscription to watch NHL LIVE here.

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9. Stream2watch:

You can watch NHL games and all your favorite shows on this live streaming site. Stream2watch site is also vulnerable to unwanted ads and pop-ups. To conquer the ads, you will need an ad blocker. Also, the site has perfect HD and NON-HD streaming options.

Because of the quality of the listed features, you cannot differentiate the difference between HD and NON-HD options when using them. Finally, NON-HD stream is just perfect when streaming on low-speed internet.

10. Firstrowsports:

When you talk about the most preferred NHL streaming platforms, Firstrowsports is one of them. Also, the site provides updates and live feed on NHL and other sports events that are going to happen. Like other free streaming sites, it has a setback of unwanted ads and pop-ups..

When watching a live game, these ads and pop-ups always appear on the screen. The best solution is an ad blocker because it will kill most ads and help close the windows they open.


AS shown above, these are the free websites we picked out of the many free streaming platforms to watch NHL games online. We hope it will serve you well.

So this is all about free sports streaming websites with NHL games live streams. We hope you found this helpful post. According to our research, the mentioned streaming sites are the best among the other websites. However, if you are in an area that does not have NHL coverage, we advise using a VPN.


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