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2022 FREE WWE live streaming – 8 Free Websites to watch WWE Online

In this article, we have ranked 8 websites to watch WWE matches for free. If you are a fan of WWE (like me) and you enjoy watching RAW, or SmackDown, the article will help you. We noticed many fans find it difficult to get the best website to watch wrestling sports online. Now, we have the right solutions.

Again, most fan fears the high subscription package of their favorite online streaming platforms. However, if you are thinking of where to stream wrestling free online, worry no more. We have enlisted some wrestling platforms online that lets you stream for free without paying a dim.

8 Websites to Watch WWE free:

Below is the list of websites that allow users to watch wrestling online for free.

1. Watch Wrestling 24 (Website = WatchWrestling24):

It is one of the best websites to stream WWE sports. Why? There is a section of WWE Network where users can discover everything concerning WWE, including Special videos, live telecasts, Hall of Fame, Table for 3, Tough Enough, etc.

Also, with this platform, you don’t need to struggle to watch different WWE sports simultaneously because WatchWrestling24 has other games on the forum. It also displays past shows of the wrestling competitions.

Interestingly, this website does not require any sign-up and is entirely free. Also, you can watch other wrestling shows like UFC, boxing, Total Divas, ROH, GFW, and so many more. If you are an addicted fan like me, you will agree with me that this site will be of great help.

2. Watch Wrestling (Website = WatchWrestling):

This streaming platform is among the first websites to visit when looking for good free streaming sites. Because it has a great feature of showing the previous telecasts of shows, also, it features lots of shows like SmackDown, Total Divas, WWE Raw, NJPW, NXT, and more.

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WatchWrestling has a notable place to look for content. However, they update the database timely to enable users to watch the latest wrestling episode. Also, they arrange the database into various categories. This website is entirely free, and it is a good place for content.

3. All Wrestling (Website = All Wrestling):

Another good website to watch wrestling online for free is All Wrestling. They give access for users to stream and watch WWE games simultaneously. This site has a sign-up option but is entirely optional for users to decide. But I will advise you to sign in for many features.

This feature includes requesting archived videos to be uploaded on the website, and you can only ask this as a website member. However, you can watch Raw, SmackDown, boxing, and WWE networks here. Finally, beware of ads and pop-ups on this platform.

4. Watch Wrestling Up (Website = Watch Wrestling Up):

This platform gets its data from external sources, which does not stop it from serving the users well. They display coverage of different WWE programs like RAW, PPVs, SmackDown, and other related WWE networks. Gladly, you can watch them for free without paying a dim.

Watch Wrestling Up had sure not to project any ads on the website and advised users who experienced any to report them. However, this platform’s list might not be as flexible as others, but it is one of the best free streaming sites I will recommend to any fan.

5. USA Network (Website = USA Network):

This Streaming site is an American-based cable and satellite television. Though it has a limited wrestling database, it only displays an online wrestling game related to WWE networks. The remarkable aspect of this platform is that it features only channel-related shows.

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However, the USA Network platform has good video quality, and users can see all the wrestling shows in HD. Interestingly, this website is free too. Also, you can look at the live stream timings below the schedule section. It also allows users to watch popular shows like WWE Raw, SmackDown, etc.

6. Go Watch Wrestling (Website = Go Watch Wrestling):

Another source to watch wrestling online is Go Watch Wrestling. When you want to describe the largest and most reliable database websites to watch wrestling, we will not exclude this streaming platform. It has every media related to wrestling. And users access it for free.

Unlike other free sites, this website does not have ads and pop-ups, which makes it pretty interesting. Also, the interface is clean and easily accessible. They feature different shows and videos, including TNA, UFC, ROH, NXT, IMPACT Wrestling, RPW, etc.

Coming to the real deal, WWE, this website displays every related show. Such as SmackDown, RAW, Total Divas, etc. Finally, they stream live channels of wrestling and run blogs where users can get archived videos quickly.

7. Watch Wrestling Uno (Website = Watch Wrestling Uno):

This streaming platform is another best free website that users can watch WWE. Watch Wrestling Uno has an extensive database containing all wrestling videos, which users can access for free. Shows like The Ultimate Fighter, IMPACT Wrestling, ROH, UFC, etc.

Interestingly, this website updates its database daily with the latest wrestling game and stores the old show in the archive. However, Watch Wrestling Uno allows users to watch recent shows of SmackDown and RAW. Also, it permits live streams during RAW and 24/7 WWE Network stream.

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8. B Wrestling (Website = B Wrestling):

On the first visit to this site, the first thing you will notice is a sign-up option. We advise you to go ahead, as it is entirely free. Also, it gives every member an added advantage, such as requesting to watch your favorite wrestling videos.

Again, the B Wrestling website videos are of good quality. However, the database is updated frequently to enable users to watch the latest episode of their favorite shows. Users can also retrieve and watch old wrestling here and access NXT, UFC, Indy, NJPW, etc.

Note that this website has a geo-block. However, we advised you to private your IP address using a VPN, which will protect you from internet hackers.


The exciting thing about the streaming services mentioned above is that they are free and accessible. The streaming services are also of good quality, even though they are free.

However, frequent ads and pop-ups can be a significant distraction you will encounter when streaming with most of the listed platforms. We advise the use of ad blockers to limit them. Finally, we hope this article will help solve the puzzle of searching for the best free stream site to watch WWE.


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