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10 Women Health Facts for the Curious Mind

RankingFact believes Women aren’t from Venues but species from our planet. Our Women Health Sub-Category tells you Women Facts from a global standpoint.

In logical terms, we help you understand the many factors (simple and complex) that play into women’s health and their lives. Before we get started, let’s demystify some truths.

  1. Without a doubt, we all know women live longer than men. It’s not because they pass through less-physical hurdles but because they have more robust immune systems. Unlike the male, the female body is better at fighting off infections.
  2. Beulah Hunter, a woman from LA, holds the record of the most prolonged pregnancy. She had her baby in the year 1945 after a gestation of 375 days- three months longer than the average nine-month.
  3. Approximately 2 to 3 kilos of lipstick is likely to get consumed fully in the lifetime of a woman.
  4. As research puts it, an average woman spends about five days out of her entire life looking at herself in the mirror.
  5. The world’s first successful womb transplant became a success in 2013 as the woman who underwent it got pregnant.
  6. Insurance companies see Women are less likely to get involved in car accidents than men — for this reason; they get cheaper insurance.
  7. Research has it that Asthma is more common in women than men, however, more often in boys than girls. Study says that women, African Americans and older adults are more likely to die by Asthma.
  8. The highest killer of women is no other than Heart disease. The truth is, it claims more women lives each year, even more than all forms of cancer put together.
  9. Although men suffer more heart attacks than women, however, women are more likely to die from the medical emergency just within one year of having one.
  10. Women have better memory, better muscle endurance and are more sensitive to pain than men due to their more nerve receptors.

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