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Top 10 World Richest Footballers — Our Best Picks of 2021

Maybe you think you can know them for their exotic Lifestyle. But showing off isn’t an indicator of being among the World Richest Footballers.

This article proves to you that the wealthiest footballers in the world necessarily do not have to be the very best in what they do on the pitch. Also, the top 10 World Richest Footballers are not all heavyweights.

Our collection of the 2020 top 10 World Richest Footballers takes into consideration, the analysis of their net worth, salaries and also endorsements. This, we know, are ranking factors. Now without further ado, allow’s jump right in.

Top 10 World Richest Footballers: The Best Picks of 2020

10. Paul Pogba

Net worth: $85 million

The gifted midfielder is widely known for his role at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He is known as a “powerful, skilful, and creative” player who has “an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular.

As regards his lifestyle, Pogba is understood to have a £2.9m mansion, plane, £1.6m car collection and Gucci wardrobe. He is most fond of cars with the best collection to his name. Pogba’s cars include; Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, Chevrolet and Bentley being some of the names from the list.

Paul Pogba has an endorsement deal with Adidas. As Sportskeedia puts it, the sportswear and equipment supplier agreed to offer him $31 million in a ten-year deal. As at February 2020, he ranks No8 in among the most influential Adidas Sponsored Athletes.

A return to Manchester United (8 August 2016) saw the footballer receiving a whooping sum of ₤ 290,000 weekly and an annual salary of £15,080,000. On a monthly scale, Pogba’s salary adds up to £1.26 million. Once upon a time, he was the most expensive player in the world.

Finally, by subtracting all of Paul Pogba’s liabilities from his assets, the midfielder is said to have a net worth valued at $85 million (2020 figures). This places him as number 10 in our list of the World Richest Footballers.

9. Eden Hazard

Net worth: $100 Million

Following his prominent move to Real Madrid from Chelsea FC, which cost €100,000,000, Eden Hazard’s contract with Real Madrid (Los Blancos) has turned him into the club’s most expensive player (at the time of writing).

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The Belgian footballer earns £400,000 per week with Real Madrid. He has an underwriting with sponsors Nike, Topps and Electronics Arts. Eden Hazard’s total assets are estimated to be around at $100 million, as at 2020. This, without doubt, makes him the ninth World Richest Footballers.

8. Andres Iniesta

Net worth: $120 Million

Andres Iniesta is Spain’s most beautified footballer who has won a record 35 trophies including the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

The ex-Barcelona captain, who at present plays in Japan for Vissel Kobe, receives $576,923 consistently in weekly wages. Andres Iniesta’s net worth is estimated to be around $120 million (as at 2020). This has made us place him in No:8 of the World Richest Footballers.

He has a sponsorship deal with Japanese footwear brand, Asics. More so, a big winery named Minuto 116 which he opened after the 2010 World Cup.

7. Gareth Bale

Total assets (Net worth): $125 Million

2019 without a doubt has been a turbulent year for Real Madrid forward, Gareth Bale. The Wales footballer has had a stressed relationship with Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, who has severally shut him out of his club.

Bale, who still plays for Real Madrid, receives a whooping salary of £350,000 per week. The footballer has a net worth as of 2020, and he is valued at $125 million.

This places him No7 of the World Richest Footballers. Not to forget, Gareth Bale has various endorsement deals with Adidas, Nissan, Konami and Lucozade. The speed wizard also has other businesses aside football such as his sports bar and restaurant (Elevens) located in the city of Cardiff, Wales.

6. Wayne Mark Rooney

Total assets (Net worth): $160 Million

The United Legend’s wealth has been there since his days at United. It got even more significant the moment he decided to cross the Atlantic to join one of the fast-rising football leagues (MLS) on the planet.

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After moving to Major League Soccer (MLS), Rooney immediately became one of the World Richest Footballers. At the time of writing, Rooney works for Derby County as a player and an assistant coach. He receives a salary of $70,000 a week.

Finally, Wayne Rooney’s net worth is valued at $160 million (2020 stats). This places him at the 6th position in our list of the World Richest Footballers. The United Legend has endorsement deals with big brands such as Coca Cola, Samsung, EA Sports and Nike.

5. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Total assets (Net worth): $185 Million

It’s no longer news, Neymar Jr. has had one of the most eventful years of his career and also his finances thanks to that famous Barca to PSG transfer.

As at the time of writing, the succulent footballer receives a whooping salary of €707,692 per week. Also, at present, Neymar Jr’s net worth is valued at $185 million (2020 stats).

Reviewing the above money stats, we’ve placed Neymar as No:5 among the World Richest Footballers. Less not forget, Part of Neymar’s wealth comes from his endorsement deals with Electronic Arts, MasterCard, Gillette, Nike and McDonald’s.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Total assets (Net worth): $190 Million

Yes, you and I know he is very controversial and one of the best player to have ever graced the game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left a mark wherever his football takes him to.

At the time the Swedish player played for AC Milan, he earned around $138,000 every week. However, putting all his assets together, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s net worth is being valued at $190 million (2020 figures). This places him as no: 4th among the World Richest Footballers.

Also, what adds to Zlatan’s wealth are monies that come from his endorsement deals with Nike, Nivea, Microsoft, and Xbox.

3. Lionel Messi

Total assets (Net worth): $400 Million

Barcelona legend, Lionel Messi is, without doubt, one of the greatest footballers in history.

Messi the Legend receives a wage of around $646,000 every week (2020 figures). Putting his wages together surely makes him very wealthy, perhaps one of the world’s richest footballers.

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In addition, Lionel Messi’s net worth as at 2020 is valued to be at $400 million. This has made us place him the 4th World Richest Footballer.

Not to forget, a good part of Lionel Messi’s wealth comes from his endorsement with brands such as Pepsi, Adidas, MasterCard and Huawei.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Total assets (Net Worth): $460 Million

CR7, as he is nicknamed, is famously known (just like Lionel Messi) as one of the Greatest Footballer of all time. Cristiano Ronaldo receives a whooping wage of $663,000 every week from Juventus. As at the time of writing, the Legend’s net worth is currently valued at $460 million.

Not to forget, most of CR7’s monies from his sponsorship deals with Nike, Electronic Arts, DAZN and Altice. These wealth attributes have made us place him as Number 2 of the World Richest Footballers.

1. Faiq Bolkiah

Total assets: $20 Billion

You might have asked the question. Who is this Faiq Bolkiah?…. Truth is, not known football fans know him. Faiq Bolkiah is at the time of writing, is the wealthiest football player in the world.

The footballer who originates from oil-rich Brunei has his name of the roster of Leicester City. More so, he is (as I write) the captain of the Brunei national team.

Did you know?… Faiq is the son of the Prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah. The sultan of the oil-rich state, Hassanal Bolkiah, who has a big reputation for extravagant spendings is his super uncle. More so, Faiq Bolkiah is a bonafide member of Bolkiah dynasty.

Finally, the net worth of the World Richest Footballer (Faiq Bolkiah) is currently estimated at $20 billion. Funny enough, the footballer earns a tiny sum of $1000 every week, and he is sponsored by Nike.


We’ve finally given it to you — our top-10 well-filtered list of the 2020 Richest Footballer of the World. Now, what do you think about this list? Would you have prefered a certain footballer to be above the other? Please share with us in the comments section below.


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